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Stephen Lancaster has been involved in the field of paranormal research since 1997 conducting investigative work for a variety of organizations and people. Lancaster discussed his most terrifying investigations over the last several years, including "Norman" the haunted doll. Norman was found in an antique wooden box high on a shelf at a store where the employees seemed genuinely surprised about the find, he revealed. Lancaster bought the doll for only five dollars and brought it back to his home.

"The progression with Norman kind of took place over the span of six months... it was very subtle at first to where you would dismiss it," he continued. When the activity took a malicious turn, Lancaster decided to perform a series of tests on Norman. The doll was generating electromagnetic fields greater than an average refrigerator, he reported, noting Norman had no mechanical or electrical systems. Shooting a temperature gun at the doll's chest gave a reading of 74 degrees which promptly dropped to 54 degrees within 30 seconds, Lancaster added.

He shared his frightening encounter with a dark entity at an old plantation, where one of the investigators heard a name called out from upstairs. According to Lancaster, nobody was in the house at the time so he went into to investigate and was thrown down the stairs along with another researcher. "I watched this man get picked up and thrown against the wall," he admitted. Lancaster claimed to have recorded the best footage in favor of the paranormal at this location. In the thermal video, an indistinct blue sphere can be seen moving outside of a window three stories in the air. When it reached the next window it had morphed into a full-body apparition, he disclosed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Nancy in Victoria, Texas, told George about an experience her father had during the last few weeks of his life. He saw shadowy figures around his hospital bed that were telling him it was time for him to go, she explained. Nancy hinted the shadowy figures represented her father's fear of hell as he was an alcoholic and "not the best person." Gary from Denver talked about spirit attachment and removal, and a personal experience he had with a suicidal friend. "His face completely changed, his voice changed, he grabbed me... when both went to the ground," he recalled. Gary admitted he also had an attachment by the spirit of a homeless man.

Edward in Alabama recounted the time he was involved in an exorcism in his role as a mental health professional. "Practically all people that feel like they need an exorcism actually have a mental health issue," Edward suggested. This case was different as mental health issues had been ruled out, he noted. According to Edward, there was a measurable difference in the patient's body temperature as the ritual progressed. "This was more than just a person thinking they needed one," he said, adding the patient has improved since the exorcism.

The final half-hour featured a replay from 1/25/16 when Jason Martell talked about Planet X and space topics.

News segment guests: Jeffrey Smith / Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall

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