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Through exhaustive research of case files and interviews, Keith Komos has meticulously chronicled the brutal crimes committed by arguably the most elusive serial killer of the twentieth century - a psychopath and predator so steeped in criminal culture and law enforcement that a suspect has only just been arrested - some forty years after his infamous spree. The suspect was dubbed the "Golden State Killer" by the press. In the first half, Komos described his experience in the technology field and how modern scientific techniques are used to help resolve cold cases, as well as to catch suspect Joseph DeAngelo. One of the main tools used to track DeAngelo was DNA evidence, which Komos indicated has advanced to the point that it can "now show actual visual characteristics of the person you’re looking for." This, combined with more classic police techniques, contributed to the arrest.

DeAngelo was a police officer for part of the duration of his alleged crimes, and Komos remarked that this definitely kept him from being caught, since he would adapt his techniques to stay ahead of law enforcement. The accused killer had a stint in the Navy and raised a family. Komos said that two of DeAngelo’s three children are currently cooperating with the investigation. The suspect would sometimes call his victims before and after his crimes, in one case, some 25 years after the fact. Making use of his military training, he was reported to prowl a victim’s home for hours. Many of the events in the timeline of DeAngelo’s life and the crimes of the suspect match up favorably, said Komos. He added that the suspect "got off on control and the fear he could instill in his victims."


With 25 years of study and practice in practical magic, Jason Miller teaches strategic sorcery to diverse clientele including professionals from business, high finance, academia and individuals from all walks of life. He discussed how to use spells and reversal magic to engineer change and tip the scales of fate in one's favor, including creating protection from curses and bad luck. Miller recalled that he had a mild accident as a child which changed his outlook on the world and set him on a path of discovery into the esoteric and magical. He defines sorcery as "someone who is affecting the world or attempting to at least by ritual."

Miller believes that "magic is like electricity- we can use it to do wonderful things and we can use it to do horrible things." He explained that spells or curses are designed to provoke a particular outcome, but that usually, the effect will appear as coincidence, even though it ultimately had the desired effect. Miller also offered some rules for spell casting, such as aiming for something definite and measurable (such as "I will lose 30 pounds" instead of "I will lose weight.") He also suggested choosing goals that are difficult, but not impossible. The object is to aim high. He also thinks that interest in magic and sorcery is on the rise as people "are actively seeking out the enchantment of the world" because "something is lacking in the scientific and materialist worldview."

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