Cattle Disappearances, Mysterious Pattern, & Magnetic Field

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Cattle Disappearances, Mysterious Pattern, & Magnetic Field

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the strange disappearance of livestock, the discovery of a mysterious pattern of six rings, and how Earth's magnetic field is weakening. In January of 2018, the San Luis Valley Cattlemen's Association held a community meeting to "deal with the growing disappearance of large amounts of livestock in and around the San Luis Valley and Northern New Mexico." She spoke with Colorado Brand Commissioner Christopher Whitney who told her "we've turned up about 300 missing head in the San Luis Valley," with one rancher reporting 46 animals vanishing overnight, and no bodies found in pastures or rustlers witnessed.

In her next segment, she interviewed Del Norte, CO photographer John Mcevoy who has worked in the San Luis Valley for years and seen strange lights. He captured a photograph about six weeks before the Cattlemen's Association meeting showing what appears to be three dark discs equidistant from each other in the sky.

Linda spoke with Daniel Vierra about a photograph his father had apparently taken at the Cargill Salt Works in San Francisco Bay not far from NASA headquarters at Moffett Field, California back in 1992. It showed a mysterious pattern of six rings around a central circle that was embedded in one of the salt flats. Daniel's father was concerned he might lose his job if he publicized the photo, but now that he's passed away, Daniel wanted to bring it to light. "It looks like a big bullseye that somebody made in the salt that's 50 to 75 ft. wide," he said. "There are no tracks around it. It looks like something landed on it, spun in a circle, and wiped out all the salt-- melted it down."

For her fourth report, she talked with geophysicist John Tarduno, Ph.D., from the University of Rochester, about how Earth's magnetic field has been weakening at an increasing rate over the last 160 years. He discussed the "South Atlantic Anomaly" which stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe. It's one of the weakest magnetic field regions, and could be ground zero for when the North and South poles finally "flip" their magnetic fields. More info here.

SETI Update

First-hour guest, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak spoke about the continued search for ET signals. Earlier this month, the SETI Institute hosted a conference to chart new approaches, with scientists from around the world in attendance. There has been a focus on looking at red dwarf stars, he reported, as they may be more likely to have habitable planets in their orbit. Touching on several issues related to cosmology, he noted that astronomical calculations predict stars in our universe will burn out roughly 100 billion years from now.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Peter Davenport

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