Exposing the 'Deep State'/ UFO Phenomena

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Exposing the 'Deep State'/ UFO Phenomena

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In the first half, author Jerome Corsi presented evidence for the existence and the workings of the "Deep State" within the US, and how it impacts society today. Defining the Deep State as elements within the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies, plus the Department of Justice and the IRS, he noted that President Eisenhower first warned of such a group in his 1961 farewell address citing the unwarranted influence of the "military-industrial complex." The CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp referenced the "Shadow Government" as another term for the Deep State, and identified the CIA as the "central node" of the clandestine group, Corsi stated.

Hillary Clinton was the Deep State's candidate of choice, he continued, as they dreaded Donald Trump's 'America First' ideology which clashed with their globalist/New World Order agenda. The weaponized and politicized bureaucracy has become a "pervasive disease" within government, Corsi suggested, adding that there is evidence the FBI planned a coup d'état against President Trump. Further, he believes that the 'Russian collusion narrative' is a Deep State propaganda attack on Trump.


Greg Bishop has been researching and writing about strange phenomena for over 25 years, and currently hosts the Sunday night program, Radio Misterioso. In the latter half, he offered analysis of various UFO cases, news, and phenomena. UFO observations date back millennia, he cited, and while many of them remain unexplained, they often seem to have some form of intelligence behind them. One of his favorite UFO cases is the Pascagoula incident of 1973, in which Charles Hickson and another witness interacted with robot-like beings that came out of an egg-shaped craft at the base of a river in Mississippi. Hickson had further sightings, one when he was with his whole family, Bishop added.

Greg described a set of mysterious incidents that occurred to him in the mid-1990s when he was approached by someone who claimed to be from Naval intelligence. The man started showing him photos said to be from Area 51, and warned that people could eavesdrop on his phone conversations as well as view what was on his computer screen. Shortly afterward, Bishop started receiving strange phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and his mail from researchers of cattle abduction and alien abduction incidents arrived already open inside his PO box. He also touched on the work of Jacques Vallee, and such cases as Betty & Barney Hill, Eagle River (Wisconsin), Father Gill (New Guinea), and the Black Knight satellite, as well as his collection of unusual and novelty UFO-related songs such as Space Mice by Walter Brennan.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Charles R. Smith

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