Demonic Possession/ Behind the Curtain

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Demonic Possession/ Behind the Curtain

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When exorcists need help they call psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher. He joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss how fighting Satan's minions was not part of his career plan while studying medicine at Yale. However, after coming face to face with evil and witnessing objects fly off shelves, victims inexplicably speak perfect Latin and display hidden knowledge, he became a believer in demonic possession (related article). Gallagher reported on his work on a dramatic case involving the demonic possession of a satanic high priestess he called Julia.

"Unequivocally, this woman was possessed," he said, pointing out how she accurately remote viewed an exorcist, knew other things she could not have known, and levitated for a half an hour. He recalled a phone call between himself and a priest that Julia somehow interrupted from a thousand miles away. Her voice changed whenever the demon took over, becoming raspy, angry, demeaning, profane, and imploring the exorcists to leave her alone, Gallagher revealed. Ultimately, Julia was not delivered, as she would not turn away from her satanic cult and turn to God for salvation, he noted.


Former Yale professor and senior business executive, Ted Malloch, who is now telling all he has learned from his appointment as scholar-diplomat by the US State Department to his peek behind the curtain at Davos, appeared in the latter half of the program. He revealed what takes place for the elite and powerful at their exclusive meetings.

Malloch described the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as Eurocentric, anti-capitalist, and a paragon of globalism. "It has evolved into this rather robust cabal of globalists who think they're in charge of the world," he said. It is a place where the elite go to hear themselves talk and to create relationships from which they can mutually benefit, Malloch explained. "I think it may have run its course," he suggested, noting how President Trump shook up this year's meeting with his 'America First' message. Malloch also warned about the new military-industrial complex, the deep state, which involves members of US intelligence agencies actively coordinating against elected politicians and the will of the people.

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