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Earthbound Spirits/ Open Lines

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Paranormal investigator and experiencer Mary Ann Winkowski discussed earthbound spirits, negative energy, curses, and spirits that crossover in our dreams. Winkowski identified earthbound spirits as people who made the choice not to go into the bright white light after they died. "Everybody has the choice when they die to either stay or go," she said, noting people who die tragically hardly ever cross over. Those who commit suicide stay because of guilt and fear of hell, and murder victims tend to want closure before they depart, Winkowski explained. Once earthbound these spirits hang around where people congregate so they can feed off of human energy, she added.

According to Winkowski, last month was filled with "ghosts on steroids," as they drew energy from the different phases of the moon. Winkowski, who sees spirits, revealed how they look identical to their former physical selves, even down to the kinds of clothes and eyeglasses they wear, or how they smoked tobacco (cigar, pipe, cigarette). "[Spirits] do whatever they did when they were alive when they're dead," she continued. "Sometimes you get a scent that reminds you of somebody, that's a day that person is visiting," she said.

Winkowski pointed out how curses are produced through frequency and intent. If somebody focuses negative thoughts with enough intent, eventually their target will have that negative energy on them, she disclosed. She also talked about how curses can be passed along through generations of the same family, why one does not want to have negative energy when at the hospital (tests will not be accurate), and how to get rid of a curse.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Tom in the Bronx shared an intriguing story with George about a dog and his cousin who served in the Army during World War II. According to Tom, the dog disappeared when his cousin left for base, then returned when he came back home. During the last deployment the dog vanished and never came back, Tom reported.

Andy from Norwalk, California, revealed how one day at work an overwhelming feeling of dread came over him, as he sensed one of his group of friends was going to die. "It was such a horrific feeling... the feeling of death that was so negative," he recalled. Shortly after one of his fellow co-workers was shot and killed.

Gabe in Redding, California, reported on the time he met Saint John Hunt, the son of infamous JFK conspirator E. Howard Hunt, on an Amtrak train. Gabe described him as a character with long hair and a guitar with which he played some Blues licks. Gabe admitted he did not know who Saint John or his father were until several years later when he heard him on Coast to Coast.

The final half-hour featured a tribute to the Egyptologist John Anthony West, who passed away earlier this week.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis / Peter Davenport

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