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Ancient Aliens/ Open Lines

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Ancient culture researcher Jason Martell joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) in the first half of the show to discuss the television show Ancient Aliens, his research into ancient astronaut theories and lost technology, and the current developments in disclosure. "There's a wealth of modern research... investigating the fact that we clearly have a large space presence that we're not being told about," Martell said. President Reagan was debriefed on the U.S. military's capabilities to orbit 300 people in a vehicle around the sun, he reported. There are hints a secret naval fleet has been operating in space for decades, he added.

"The topic of ancient aliens in the last, let's say, twenty years is something that's caught a lot of people's attention... it might even fuel the modern day disclosure," Martell continued. He pointed to ancient cultures that seem to have depicted rockets and other systems of flight, and suggested some of this lost technology was found in the early 1920s and 1930s and used to make great technological leaps. The Germans were developing rockets based on Newtonian physics but also looking into torsion field, anti-gravitics, and zero-point energy, he revealed. Traditional rocket science was likely improved significantly by advances in non-Newtonian physics made by reverse engineering lost alien technology, Martell proposed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Dwight in Fresno, California, claimed to have "a four-hour plus conversation with the vibrational existences that were responsible for building the pyramids." According to Dwight, laser-cutting equipment carved the stones which were transported to the building site using a sonic vibration device. The pyramids were constructed to transfer energy from Earth to a planet in the Orion constellation the builders wished to turn into a star, Dwight revealed.

James in Kansas City phoned in to discuss evidence the Indus Valley, located in what is now India, was devastated by a nuclear blast. Proponents suggest levels of radioactivity in the area as well as vitrification of sand point to an ancient nuclear war. "We were not the first ones to have [nuclear] technology," James said. Ian in Pittsburgh lamented the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria and how much human knowledge disappeared with the loss of tens of thousands of ancient papyrus scrolls. Ian also suggested the Vatican archives include lost texts that record evidence of alien beings.

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