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For several years, Richard Dolan has been lecturing and writing about why he believes a secret program of space exploration is an absolute reality. Joining Jimmy Church (email) in the first half, he discussed the recent New York Times report that uncovered a secret $22 million government UFO investigation run by the Pentagon. Before he began the interview, Church read a personal letter from the president of the To The Stars Academy (who spearheaded the effort to publish the Times article) Tom DeLonge, who promised the Coast audience "more gun camera footage, hardware, and even more expansive military encounters" in the months ahead. Dolan believes the original announcement was "quite significant" and "an important acknowledgment that the Pentagon had an active program to study UFOs."

Dolan offered his opinion that the most important part of the recent revelations lie in the claims of physical artifacts recovered from UFO encounters, and that an open examination of these objects should be pursued. He deplored the use of the term "false flag" that has been used by some who are deeply suspicious of the motivations for the announcement, but also remains guarded on the motivations of the Times, who he said has a long history of cooperation with intelligence agencies and the military. Ultimately, Dolan believes that "this is not disclosure with a capital ‘D’" but with regard to the true story behind UFOs "the reality is probably deeper than our total ability to understand."


During Open Lines, Nancy called from Texas to react to the recent UFO news to say that she wants to see "more disclosure of what’s been going on in the government." Church believes that more military pilots are going to come forward with their own UFO encounters because of this. William in California believes that the announcements are a prelude to revelations about an amazing new technology, which he predicts will be an anti-gravity device. Alex in New Hampshire recalled Coast guest Steven Greer saying that a relative of his who managed a newspaper said they would never cover UFO stories because they were "not the National Enquirer" whereas Alex believes it’s time to have some "serious discussion about this issue" in the media.

Ed in Oklahoma said he believed that the Nazis "dabbled in the black arts" and that dark forces helped them to develop advanced technology in WWII. Debbie in California lamented that some of her Christian friends will not allow themselves to speculate beyond the characterization of UFOs and aliens as demonic, and believes that "the core of what they are feeling is fear." John in Illinois asked why there are no photos of the Earth from space that show it is round. Church replied that there are numerous examples that are not faked. "RJ" in Tennessee asked the host what pushed him into his belief in UFOs. He replied with a recounting of an amazing sighting he had in the California desert during a UFO convention.

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