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CIA Operations

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John Prados is a senior fellow of the National Security Archive, where he directs the CIA and Vietnam Documentation Projects. In the first half, he discussed the 70th anniversary of the CIA and how the agency has changed over the decades. The CIA formed at the end of the WWII, spearheaded by people such as Allen Dulles, in order to set-up intelligence gathering that would continue during peace time. Over the years, the agency has been staffed by variety of types, he said-- dreamers like Allen Dulles; zealots for whom accomplishing the job meant overlooking or disobeying the rules; and schemers, who were trying to maximize their power within the organization.

The CIA, Prados continued, has taken some flack for intelligence failures related to 9-11, specifically not sharing information on possible terrorists with the FBI and the State Dept. Yet, these organizations were similarly walled-off at the time, he added. Evaluating various spy agencies, he noted the CIA has done well with its technological wizardry, though the KGB was more successful in manipulating people.

Prados questioned the role of the CIA in the post 9-11 world. It has become too operationally oriented and militarized, he suggested, moving away from accountability and its original mission of espionage and intelligence analysis. The terror problem is only one aspect of what the CIA should be considering to protect America's future security, he remarked. Prados foresees factors like climate change, and water scarcity fueling concerning behaviors of both non-state actors and those from nation states in the years ahead.

Mystical Healing

In the last hour, mystic healer Sonja Grace talked about her spiritual healing techniques and clairvoyant abilities. Her earliest memories include seeing spirit guides that were angelic beings, appearing to her when she was only two-years-old. Currently, Grace finds that alien activity has been heightened, with portals opening in the fifth dimension that humans have moved into. She said she cleared three different alien species out of a little boy's body that were akin to "walk-ins" vying for control of him. Explaining her experience of God, she described seeing a "panel" of enormous beings rather than an individual entity.

The third hour of the show featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Robert Zimmerman, Steve Kates

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