Cancer & Cannabis Oil/ Deep State

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Cancer & Cannabis Oil/ Deep State

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When Canadian comedian Alan Park was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, doctors also notified him he was too far gone to expect any benefit from conventional treatments, such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Instead, Park sensed he should try medical cannabis as a treatment modality. In the first half, Park joined Richard Syrett to discuss the notion of cannabis as a cure for cancer, and how he's spreading the word about its health benefits.

"I just procured [marijuana] three days later and tried it, and I had immediate profound results just from smoking half a joint," he said. Park revealed how he learned to produce cannabis oil online from medicinal cannabis advocate Rick Simpson's website, and within a few days of using it no longer needed morphine for pain management. According to Park, the oil contains compounds which trigger cancer cells to kill themselves. After taking 60 grams of cannabis oil in suppository form for 90 days, Park's PSA levels dropped from 700 to below normal (around 1), and he is essentially cancer free.


During the second half of the program, retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis lifted the veil on the Deep State. He exposed the power brokers, their evil agenda, and their techniques and sinister ideology. Maginnis defined globalism as a radicalized ideology and humanistic religion which seeks to replace national sovereignty with global governance pushed by a cabal of select wealthy individuals. "Control of all the power centers of this world are coming together in the hands of very few, it's sort of like a global oligarchy, something that should frighten us all," he warned.

Maginnis suggested the age of nation states may be coming to an end, as power continues to be consolidated into the hands of an elite few. "These people reject private property, they have a preference for socialism, they want to control all the goods and labor, and they want to control your borders," he revealed. According to Maginnis, the globalist agenda has the inertia but all is not lost. The fight against the Deep State can be seen in the revolution which put Donald Trump in the White House and the United Kingdom's recent vote to quit the European Union, he proposed.

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