Opioid Epidemic/ Cancer & the Metaphysical

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Opioid Epidemic/ Cancer & the Metaphysical

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In the first half, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport discussed his investigation of America's devastating opioid epidemic and the vested interests that are funding this conspiracy to destroy lives. He detailed the history of opioids and China's current role in manufacturing dangerous and powerful synthetic drugs which are flooding the US. Opioids, he explained, are strong opium-like pain relievers that include some 50 different compounds such as Fentanyl, OxyContin, Demerol, Dilaudid, Vicodin, codeine, morphine, Percodan, and Percoset. Aside from illegal trafficking, in 2015, some 90 million adults in the US took a legally prescribed opioid-- so this is gigantic in terms of the dangers of addiction, and overdose, as well as the drugs serving as a gateway to heroin if users get cut off, he remarked. Conversely, people in genuine pain sometimes have trouble getting prescriptions because there's been a crackdown by some doctors, he added.

Yet, there are certain medical clinics or pharmacies in small towns that reportedly sell a million opioid pills a year, and are visited by once-a-month "patients" flooding in from all over, with doctors pushing out 75-100 prescriptions a day. These patients, Rappoport said, are actually dealers who return home to sell the pills to addicts. The people behind Big Pharma are well aware of the harmful effects of pharmaceuticals, and "my conclusion after years of study," he revealed, is that "they are debilitating whole populations in many countries...in an intentionally waged war." For more, see two of Rappoport's blog postings: Opioid Crime Network | China & Opioids


In the latter half, Barry Eaton, an Australian radio host and producer, shared how his metaphysical knowledge and contact with the Other Side helped him navigate the complex and confusing cancer treatment industry. Though he had initial surgeries to remove cancer from his throat and thyroid four and a half years ago, he conducted a series of deep meditations to contact and receive advice from his spirit guides. They suggested that he combine holistic approaches with mainstream medicine, and afterwards write a book about it.

Eaton believes people with a serious illness shouldn't give away their power to the medical system, and ought to take responsibility for their situation and treatment. Though he avoided chemotherapy, he did decide to have radiation. He stressed the importance of establishing a meditative practice, and dealing with subconscious ideations that may negatively influence one's outlook. Though in the past, Eaton had visited John of God, the Brazilian healer, who works as a kind of medium, channeling at different times, the spirits of 33 different doctors, he did not elect to visit him with his recent cancer bout.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Peter Breggin

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