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Were our bodies designed to live in structures we call houses? Intuitive home builder Scott Harris joined Richard Syrett to discuss how to create dwellings that are havens of healing. Harris credited the shift in his work to Ed Begley, Jr., who he helped build the greenest house in North America. "Ed did change my life," he said. Begley's 3,800-square-foot home, complete with rooftop solar array and 10,000-gallon rain water tank, received the LEED-platinum certification which is almost impossible to get, Harris explained.

According to Harris, one simple step to making a home a healing place is a sense of order, as the brain and body seek that kind of alignment. It is imperative to understand the materials used in a dwelling's construction as well, since off-gassing chemicals or mold in the HVAC system can make inhabitants sick. "You think of your house as a place to heal you but it's actually in some ways could be hurting you if it's not really built or designed right," he revealed.

Harris spoke about his ability to detect places of bad energy within a house. He often encourages owners to remove and change certain physical aspects of their homes in order to adjust the vibrational energy. "[It's] changing their life through changing the vibration," he noted. Harris also pointed out how energy affects emotions, the relationship of geography to energy, and how he incorporates Fibonacci ratios into his designs.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Mary in New Jersey phoned in to ask if anyone had advice for how she could proceed against the township that took her house. According to Mary, she has always paid her mortgage but has been persecuted by her municipality because she took in numerous cats. Mary admitted she does not know how many cats she was caring for in her home.

Perry from Santa Barbara suggested we could improve society by looking within and letting go of divisional attitudes, especially as seen in politics. "We have to start, each one of us, in the human heart... and we have to just treat each other more kindly," he said. Ted in Tennessee warned about the upcoming eclipse and the path of totality. "I believe in that the main shadow of the eclipse... it's going to be chaos," he suggested.

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