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Dream Interpretation/ Open Lines

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Twenty year student of dream analysis and Reddit's dream expert J.M. Debord discussed the fundamentals of dreams and dream analysis, including how to use your dreams to benefit your life. Debord described dreams as a "viewing station" into what's going on in the mind, admitting not all dreams have meaning. "It's one of those dreams where it's just imagery behind your eyes," he said, noting these kind of meaningless dreams occur when one first falls asleep. Meaningful dreams on the other hand can be identified by how memorable they are and by how one is affected by them, Debord added.

The dreaming mind is such a great and engaging storyteller we forget there is another reality outside and accept the dream world as real, he continued, likening it to an actor forgetting he is in a movie. The meaning in dreams comes by associations the unconscious mind utilizes to create symbolism, Debord explained. "The unconscious is ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of the total mind, according to neurologists," he pointed out. Dreams allow one to step back to see a bigger perspective, reveal missed sensory inputs, and help put pieces together and do the deeper layer of processing that the conscious mind normally does not do, Debord revealed.


The final half of the program featured Open Lines. David from Buffalo, New York, sounded off against directed energy weapons (laser, harmonics, microwave) in the hands of law enforcement. According to David, American citizens are currently being victimized by directed energy weapons in the same way previous generations were targeted by Department of Energy experiments from the 1940s to the 1970s. "It's totally out of control now," he said.

Joe in the Bronx reminded George that a group of American diplomats have also been targeted by acoustic weapons, which deliver a sonic attack capable of irreversible hearing loss. Joe suggested the Russians might be behind the attack. Veronica from Los Angeles shared her conspiracy theory about North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weaponry and its antagonism against America. According to Veronica, Russia and China may also be involved, and had a hand in setting up North Korea so it can take the aggressive stance while they look friendly to the United States.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport


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