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Life of an O'Toole/ Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Jimmy Church (email), welcomed Lorcan O’Toole, who is the son of legendary actor Peter O'Toole. Lorcan’s first acting role was in The Boxer in 1997, and later he starred as Desmond in the 2005 film "Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont," as well as Trey in the TV series Totally Frank. He discussed growing up the son of a famous father, as well as his strange awakening to another reality and his place within it. O’Toole said of his father that he was "in awe, in great love and inspiration from his presence," and that, along with many others who knew him, believed that he was "a magical being with this great power and great passion." In 2012, during a fruitful period in Lorcan’s acting career, he suddenly began to experience strange visions of other times and realities, spontaneously entering deep meditative states, and since that time, feels he's been in mental contact with an extraterrestrial being.

Church and his guest discussed their recent visit to the ECETI Ranch in Washington state, where O’Toole had a unique encounter with what he believes was a Sasquatch. He said the figure appeared to be about eight feet tall and stood about 10 feet from him and another witness. He recalls it made a vocalization that sounded like an object moving through the air quickly in a circle, such as a fan or helicopter blade. O’Toole says that this could be a "symbol of the universal sound" of wholeness. He also related his feeling that this being and those of its kind do not live in a three-dimensional reality as we do, but has "the ability to physicalize itself into the third dimension." Revealed for the first time on the program was O’Toole’s belief that the Sasquatch phenomenon is caused by a race which refer to themselves as the "Tolatan."


During Open Lines, Toby called in from Wyoming to tell Jimmy Church he had seen messages received from extraterrestrials called the "Perseidian Channelers" who spoke of a group or race also called the "Tolatan," and remarked that he had "not heard that word in five years." Dave in New Jersey told the story of "little beings" who used to enter his childhood bedroom through a closet door. In the second hour, Luke in Washington called to relate his sighting of "huge spheres that looked like liquid mercury" in the sky, along with his father, whom he said flew the helicopter that picked up Neil Armstrong after the Apollo 11 splashdown.

Debra in Illinois said that during a deep mediation session, she felt like she was shrinking to the size of an atom. When Jimmy asked if she would do it again, she replied that she would, because it seemed like "where we end up, it’s like our retirement home." Matt in New York state thanked Jimmy for the show, since because of his extraordinary experiences he used to "feel so alone." Edward in California said that after a strange nighttime sighting of a "dome of white light," his anxiety and grief over his father’s death the same day completely disappeared. Alex in Indiana recounted his brother-in-law’s troubles with an evil entity named "Jupie" who has dogged him throughout his life and later found out the name was "attached to demon that some people have seen." Lisa in Missouri told of a strange figure that she saw throughout childhood that "had a head, but no face" and actually provided a sense of comfort to her for many years.

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