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NDEs & Otherworldly Contact/ Open Lines

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A graduate in psychology, sociology, & ethnic studies from Wichita State University, Barry Littleton has for the last two decades been involved in administration for 'At Risk Youth,' including cognitive behavioral modification, and managing aggressive behavior. He’s also researched and practiced several aspects of the spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal. He discussed a lifetime of apparent contact experiences with Jimmy Church (email) for the first two hours. Littleton said that starting at age 7, he would "tend to wake up not in my home" in a place that looked like a school, where he believes he was expected to learn how to perform psychokinetic feats. He said that this and other strange experiences "were tangible" to him, but not in a away he could prove objectively to others.

Littleton also said that as a child, a shape-shifting being appeared to him often. At age 12, he says that he saw this being during a UFO abduction experience. He remembers that the creature told him about the dangers of acid rain years before he had heard of the concept, which further confirmed the reality of his contacts for him. Littleton also described his impression of the ET craft as "organic," because he recalls the interior walls "felt like toadstools." He remembers the beings in the craft telling him that the ships were "grown in space over micro-wormholes" that made the engine or power source a type of "mini-wormhole" as well. He says that he remained distressed for many years because his memories did not match other cases that he read and heard about. In the last half hour, Church and Littleton discussed anomalous lights and other experiences during a recent trip to the "ECETI Ranch" in Oregon. Littleton sent along images of some of his beings.


During Open Lines, two people driving trucks called in to tell about their UFO sightings. Christopher in Georgia said he had just witnessed anomalous lights over Tennessee. Greg in Missouri said he once witnessed something that looked like a "giant rectangle." Tyler, also driving, related the story of his mother’s sighting of an object that appeared to be hiding in the overcast clouds. Soon after, a black helicopter which was "absolutely silent" showed up and appeared to search for the UFO. Since the sighting, Tyler said his mother has been "acting really strange - not herself." Michael called from Pennsylvania and asked Jimmy if he thought any government would ever disclose UFO information. Jimmy feels that "It will be out of the control of the government."

Connie in California said that she once had a very close encounter with a UFO that she recalled was so near the ground "that I could have almost reached out and touched it." Tom in Nevada told of going prospecting east of Reno and witnessing a portal-type apparition that looked like the "Arc De Triomphe in France" on the side of a mountain. "Boogie" called from Utah with strange tales of his time at the Nevada nuclear test site. He described "a huge hole in a mountain that they bored out," the purpose of which was to store large quantities of radioactive waste.

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