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Earthbound spirit communicator Mary Ann Winkowski discussed a variety of topics including negative energy, curses, and spirits, and explained what goes on with spirits that have crossed over in dreams and their destinies. Winkowski has been seeing spirits since the age of four, when her grandmother took her to a funeral and she saw the decedent standing at the foot of the casket. "When I see an earthbound spirit... if I squint a little bit, I can actually see through them," she said, noting spirits have freewill to stay or cross over into the light.

Those who cross over can look younger, but earthbound spirits always look the same age as when they died, Winkowski continued. "Earthbound spirits will never show up in dreams," she revealed, pointing out how only spirits who have gone into the light can enter a person's dream. If you dream of somebody, they are where they should be, she added. Winkowski recommended placing the herb Mugwort between a pillowcase and pillow to remember dreams, then set intention to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over to meet them in a dream.

Winkowski also spoke about negative energy and how to tell if one is cursed. "[Voodoo, Satanism, and witchcraft] done with enough intent can have an effect on someone or something," she explained. According to Winkowski, no one under the age of 18 can have a curse on them but they can be adversely affected by a generational curse on parents. If one's health, money, or relationships are a continual problem, that person is most likely cursed, she disclosed.


George hosted Open Lines in the latter half of the program. Spencer in San Antonio, Texas, a self-described skeptic of the paranormal, claimed to have seen a mysterious figure standing at the end of the hall in his house. According to Spencer, he yelled his girlfriend's name, turned on the light, and the figure vanished. He reported hearing footsteps in the hall when no one was there, as well as seeing a reflection of the figure in his television. "It really is just really, really weird," Spencer said.

Eve in Gilbert, Arizona, recounted growing up in a house where spirits were around and part of the family. Eve recalled being visited on her 70th birthday by the ghost of her grandmother. "I couldn't breathe for a minute because I could smell her," she revealed. Louise from Louisville, Kentucky, told George how Cleopatra's four children (or at least their reincarnations) are still upset about their mother's suicide. According to Louise, one of the sons fathered by Julius Caesar was named after him and called JC, and this is the origin of the name Jesus Christ.

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