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Travel & the Paranormal/ Open Lines

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Author and certified hypnotist Rosemary Ellen Guiley shared true tales of travelers around the world who are suddenly faced with ghosts, paranormal phenomena, unusual synchronicities, time slips, and how travel can open doors to the unknown.

"Travel really does open people up to the paranormal, and we're more likely to have weird experiences... when we get out of our normal environment," Guiley revealed. The paranormal intrudes upon the consciousness of those not looking for it, she explained, pointing out strange experiences are more likely at certain travel destinations such as sacred sites and battlefields. The most common occurrence for the average traveler is a visit by a ghost or a haunting, Guiley continued, noting synchronicity (weird coincidences) and déjà vu (feeling of having lived through something previously) are also common when traveling.

She recounted the case of the Blood-soaked Man, who is covered from head to foot in blood and walks the Rue Saint-Ann in Paris. He is dressed in WWII era clothing, does not interact with anyone, and enters through a door in courtyard where he disappears, Guiley disclosed. It may be that he does not know he is dead, she suggested. Guiley also reported on a ghost dog in Salt Lake City, her encounter with two ghostly children in Gettysburg, and the spirit of a deceased venomous snakes that wrapped itself around a man's left arm.

According to Guiley, earthbound spirits are usually attached to a specific place but will follow travelers home if the energy is right. She cautioned listeners to prepare for all possible contingencies when traveling."You have to be prepared for things intruding upon your private space in some sort of way," she said.


George hosted Open Lines in the latter half of the program. Jarrod, a self-confessed skeptic from Toronto, Canada, reported seeing a group of five UFOs flying in a "V" formation. "They just looked like balls of light... they were glowing and they're totally silent," he said. Jarrod admitted the experience inspired him to learn more about the UFO/ET phenomena.

Daryl in Diamond Bar, California, told George about a chat he had with his father a few weeks before he passed away. "When you go, you won't scare me if you come around and knock on my wall three times," Daryl recalled telling his dad, adding he was at work and felt the precise moment of his father's death. According to Daryl, shortly after his father's passing he was awakened from naps on numerous occasions by three unexplained taps on the window.

Phil, a truck driver passing through Ohio, shared the story of his father's murder at the hands of his brother. "They shot him on the couch and killed him," Phil said, noting it was a robbery for drug money gone bad. According to Phil, what he thought was his father's spirit came through a voice box during a paranormal investigation, and this initial contact led to strange things happening in his house. "Something came into my room at night and held me down," Phil revealed, noting he sought the help of a pastor to deal with the haunting.

The final half hour featured a special tribute to the late R. Gary Patterson.

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