The Australian Apparition

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The Australian Apparition

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Chad Calek has spent over 25 years investigating the world's most haunted locations. He joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his new documentary, Sir Noface, which chronicles the Australian government sanctioned paranormal investigation that led to the filming of a full-body apparition for the first time in history. Calek thinks this is the smoking gun proof for the existence of ghosts. "I am certain that it shows... an apparition - Sir Noface is real," he said, noting he sought to debunk the footage when he first saw it.

Skepticism is the most important tool for a paranormal investigator since most cases end up having mundane explanations, Calek continued. He recounted his childhood growing up in a non-religious household, where they did not believe in anything metaphysical, and how this changed when they moved to a haunted house in Persia, Iowa. The house had previously been abandoned by two families. "We thought these people were crazy," he recalled. According to Calek, shortly after moving in his father saw a black figure and children with green eyes, his sister witnessed a green hand come out of the wall, he saw his mother's hair being pulled by an invisible force, and experienced something pounding on the walls.

Calek explained how he first came to view the Sir Noface footage, which was captured by paranormal investigator Craig Powell at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia. In the video, the team is seen asking Sir to show them a light and then a light with seemingly no point of origin begins to shine. You can see the light when inside the building but not from the outside looking in through a window, Calek explained, adding there is no electricity running to the building. The footage also shows the spirit come out of the wall, turn and lower its head to look directly into a camera, then return back into the wall. It is human-like but moves independent of gravity, Calek revealed. A CGI expert has confirmed the footage is first-generation unaltered video, he added.

The final hour of the program featured Open Lines.


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