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Demographic Trends

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Demographer and generational marketing expert, Ken Gronbach, looks into the future using the tool of demographics to navigate the many landscapes that will define the United States over the next 30 years. One of his major observations is that Generation X (born between 1964 and 1984) was about 11% smaller in population size than the previous generation, the Boomers, and this greatly affected the marketing and sales of numerous products which appeal to people at certain age points.

The Millennials or Generation Y (ages 13 to 32), the children of Boomers, have turned out to be an even larger generation than the Boomers, and Gronbach is bullish on their prospects and America's, as this generation matures. This is in contrast to the European Union, Asia, and Russia, whose populations have been steadily decreasing. There will be a huge housing boom in the US to accommodate the Millennials, as they move out from their parents and become less dependent on them, he cited. This will spike the economy, in a whole range of consumer areas, including air travel, he added.

Gronbach considers overpopulation to be a myth in many cases, and under-population to be a more serious concern. For instance, China is in trouble because of their "ill fated" One Child Only Policy, which has left a huge gap of people under the age of 37. They may use North Korea as leverage, in order to get economic concessions from the US to deal with their population woes, he suggested.

Arlington Cemetery Stories

First hour guest, author Ron MacDonald detailed stories about the various soldiers and heroes who are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The people interred at Arlington range from presidents and generals, to ex-slaves and common folk, he noted. One harrowing and inspirational account even dated back to the Revolutionary War, that of Brigadier General James McCubbin, who had been captured and placed on the British prison ship, The Jersey. He was placed in the hold of the ship for three years, under squalid conditions, without fresh air and sunlight. Eventually, he was released, and George Washington personally made him a Brigadier General. Tragically, during the War of 1812, McCubbin was beaten to death when he stood up for a man's right to freedom of speech, MacDonald recounted.

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