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Jordan Codices/ Open Lines

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The Jordan Codices are an ancient set of seventy ring bound lead tablets that could change the world’s view of Biblical history. Religious scholar and Egyptologist David Elkington has been focused on proving the authenticity of these artifacts which may depict the earliest known portrait of Christ. Just back from Jordan, where he was detained for a month by the authorities, Elkington joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss why he believes the government there wants to suppress all knowledge of artifacts which could revise our concepts of early Christianity. Related images. Elkington remarked that he has been surprised and perplexed by attempts to suppress his findings, saying that some academics have "gone on the defensive without actually inquiring" about his research, even though scientific testing has "proven them beyond a shadow of a doubt to be authentic."

Ellkington believes that much of the opposition to the Codices is coming from Christian fundamentalist scholars who are against any evidence that would challenge their interpretation of history. One of the reasons he believes that fundamentalists and mainstream scholars are suppressing the codices is that they point to the "potential unity of three of the world’s great religions" (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.) From limited translations of the tablets, Elkington believes that they point to an earlier version of Christian theology which would mean that it is "a lot older than the first century" and that Christ may have been involved in a revival rather than the founding of a new religion. Elkington also expressed his belief that the illegal antiquities market is helping to finance middle eastern terrorist groups, who loot artworks and other artifacts, smuggle them out, and sell them in auctions in London and New York.


During Open Lines, George called in from Texas to talk about revelations he has received from a woman who he believes is channeling Jesus, Mary, and other "cosmic masters." Adam in Utah says he is concerned with the upcoming total eclipse and how it may trigger earthquakes and worse, especially "the effect of it moving over Yellowstone" where fears of a volcanic mega-eruption have been circulating for many years. Sid in Texas said he used to live in a haunted house where shadows moved across the walls, he heard sounds of "a little baby crying in our bathroom," and a bright red light appeared in the kitchen every night.

In the last hour, Chris called from Kansas to recount an eerie story of driving a truck late at night into a seemingly sparse and harmless fog. He said he approached a highway interchange and entered the fog bank, then "was fifteen miles south of the interchange in what seemed like thirty seconds" and headed in a different direction. The incident still bothers him, he says. Addie in California commented on one of the subjects of tomorrow’s program about phone calls to the afterlife with her opinion that it is "best that there is a division between the dead and the living."

In the first 20 minutes, Dave welcomed Chris Jericho from the heavy metal band Fozzy, who honored rock and roll historian R. Gary Patterson, who had just passed away.

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