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Demonic Forces/ Open Lines

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Author and paranormal lecturer Bill Bean discussed demonic possession as well as shared his amazing story of how small noises in his home lead to a tormenting and disturbing presence of evil, and how his family was torn apart by the demonic forces that were at work there (view related photos).

"I feel, strongly, that portals and doorways are being opened up on our planet right now, and it is allowing more and more demonic forces to come on the Earth," Bean said, noting how his case load has doubled over the last few years. He shared one of his early encounters with an evil that took hold of a young woman. She spoke in other languages in a deep masculine voice, had black eyes, and levitated, Bean recalled. It took nine police and EMTs to restrain her, he added. According to Bean, the same dark-hooded figure he dealt with as a child was in the possessed woman's house.

Bean recalled the destruction wrought upon his family by demonic forces in the 1970s, and shared how the nightmare experience prepared him for his current work. "God brought a transformation into my life and that began at the age of thirteen when I finally stood up to those things," he said. Bean explained how he can instantly determine if someone is under demonic oppression or attachment simply by being in their presence. He suggested traumatic events (and evoking with Ouija boards) can open a doorway for demonic forces to enter a person, and credited the power of God working through him for why he is able to bring comfort to demonically-afflicted people.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Martha in Santa Cruz, California, told George she has been a deliverance minister (exorcist) for the last 37 years. "The Church has been through such a rough ride with this because people refuse to accept the fact that a Christian can have a demon," she said. Martha explained her theory of demonic possession as it relates to the human brain. "It lodges in the brain, it's an electrical thing that Satan does," she revealed.

Joe from Upstate New York recounted similarities between his and Bill Bean's childhood, noting how his house was also possessed. He recalled speaking with an entity at three years old. "I started seeing different demons... that really unsettled at a young age," he said. Javier in Porterville, California described experiencing abductions and paranormal phenomena, including rain in his room and balls of light, when he was four or five years old. He claimed to have asked aliens for a piece of their craft, which was immediately retrieved by Men in Black.

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