Nostradamus and North Korea/ Medical NDEs

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Nostradamus and North Korea/ Medical NDEs

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Considered a world authority on Nostradamus, the occult, and parapsychology, John Hogue, returned to analyze the quatrains of the great sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus and how they pertain to current events, specifically prophecies warning of how a precipitous escalation against Syria, and a sudden, full-scale war in the Korean Peninsula, might quickly bring on a nuclear war between the United States against the Chinese and the Russians. Hogue referred to a Nostradamus prophecy of "two Eastern Kings" represented by the symbol of the eagle (Russia’s coat of arms features a double-headed eagle and of course the U.S. is symbolized by the bald eagle) who would conquer or be in conflict with a "Mongolian" leader, who he believes refers to Kim Jong-un.

Although there is "nothing written in stone" in regards to prophecies and those of Nostradamus in particular, Hogue says they indicate that the possibility for a war with Russia is highest between now and November of this year. He also sees a way out of the situation if the U.S. chooses to honor the terms of the original armistice with North Korea, which Hogue says would involve a military withdrawal from the South, in addition to ending war games in the region, among other concessions. Hogue says that Nostradamus is "one of the most pessimistic prophets" who wanted to "scare people straight."


Cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel revealed why he believes that near-death experiences are authentic and cannot be attributed to imagination. In 1969, one of van Lommel’s patients was brought back from a death by heart attack. He recalled that the patient was "very very disappointed" that they needed to return to life. In the mid-1980s, van Lommel began asking other patients about their experiences and decided that he would conduct a study of the phenomenon which culminated in a report which was published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet. The research created "a sensation." The patients with NDEs reported out of body experiences which were verified by objective observers, as well as "no fear of death, unconditional love for yourself and others, and a connection with everything and everybody." Many also felt that their near-death state was "more real than life."

The transformation that occurs to people who experience a near-death state is often traumatic for others, as van Lommel said that 70% of the experiencers ended up getting divorced because their partners believe that the patient is "not the person they knew" before the event. According to his medical training, van Lommel was not supposed to think in terms of the human mind being able to process information when it was clinically dead, but his "scientific curiosity" allowed him to consider things which went against conventional wisdom. He now believes that our consciousness is not located in our brains, but is "non-local," that is, we are more like receivers where our minds function as intermediaries between spirit and body. Based on his studies and conversations with countless patients, van Lommel has concluded that "dying is not the end of our consciousness." In the last hour, listeners called in with their own NDE reports.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Jerome Corsi

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