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Afterlife Experiences/ Open Lines

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Former health lawyer and litigator, Nanci Danison, discussed what happened to her in 1994, when she died of anaphylactic shock during an invasive radiological procedure, and went on to have one of the longest-lasting and most vivid afterlife experiences ever reported. Danison revealed how she was astonished to learn during her time in the afterlife how much of what she believed to be true about life, death, and God was incorrect.

She recalled sitting in a chair at the medical facility and suddenly losing vision and hearing. "The next thing I know I feel like I'm sinking down through my body... I popped out in front of my body," she said. According to Danison, she entered into blackness, saw a light in the distance, thought about being in the light, and was instantly transported there. "There was nothing there," she disclosed, noting how she felt a wash of unconditional love and acceptance.

Danison spoke about receiving downloads in the afterlife of what she calls "knowings" — knowledge deposited whole into her mind. We are not humans, we are souls and the body is merely an animal, she explained. She remembered meeting five beings of light who wanted to know and experience her physical life review, as well as receiving memories from an eternity of lifetimes. God, or the source, is not separate from us, Danison continued, noting we are the source. "God... is nothing like a being, it's more like a huge energy field with intelligence, personality, and character traits," she suggested. We are part of its consciousness the same way our dream characters are part of us, she added. Our whole purpose is to experience physical life on behalf of the source and there is no judgment, Danison reported.


During Open Lines, callers phoned in to "remember when" there were VHS tapes, Abba Zaba candy bars, clamp on metal roller skates, reel-to-reel audio, cassette tape recorders, and drive-in movie theaters, as well as share their own stories. Nathan in Ohio told George about his life-long experiences with alien abduction. "The things that they've shown me... have a lot to do with the afterlife and, according to them, there very much is a hell," he said, comparing the place of punishment to a hard labor camp. Nathan admitted he does not trust everything the aliens have shown him, but definitely believes there is an ongoing battle between good and evil.

Brenda from Tallahassee, Florida, recounted her near death experience from 2006, when she had three heart stents placed into her body through her wrist, and one of them poked a pin-sized hole in her heart. Brenda revealed how her pericardial sac began filling with blood and she lost consciousness in ICU. She remembered being in darkness for a moment then praying to God to forgive her. "When I finished my prayer, the light was so bright it was as if I was on a dark stage and had to put my hands up to protect my eyes from this brilliant light," she said. According to Brenda, she received telepathic communications from God, was completely at peace, and told she would be okay.

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