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Deception & Lies

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Retired US Marshal with 26 years of federal law enforcement experience, Mark McClish is a specialist in the interview process and gives presentations on 'statement analysis' throughout the US. He has spoken at numerous law enforcement conferences and trained a variety of law enforcement agencies and military organizations to recognize the tell-tale signs of deception. He joined Connie Willis (email) to discuss deception and how we can protect ourselves from lies and those who tell them. As a training instructor for the U.S. Marshals, he taught courses in how to detect deception while questioning suspects. He indicated that people tend to tell the truth in similar ways, as well as lie in patterns that are repeated and detectable. McClish described the psychology of lying with the simple statement that some "are better than others at telling a lie, but people’s words will betray them."

McClish says that the most common form of deception is lying by omission: what someone tells you is less important than what they do not. For example, people who are innocent will often state explicitly that they did not commit the act they are accused of, while those engaged in deception will simply say "I’m not guilty." McClish said that OJ Simpson "absolutely did it" because he was stumbling in his answers on the stand and in interviews, as well as a written statement that McClish says was not read by his lawyers as it was written, wherein he changed his words to specifically remove himself from having to deny his guilt in any definitive way. McClish discussed his analysis of testimony in other cases such as the Jon Benet Ramsey kidnapping and the accusations against Michael Jackson.

In the third hour, Jim in Washington state asked McClish how you could tell if medical professionals are lying to you. McClish suggested that if you have any doubt about a doctor, you should just get a second opinion. Brenda in New Mexico related that she had taken facial profiling and handwriting analysis courses and asked the guest’s opinion on their effectiveness. He said that he does not rely too heavily on profiling, but that handwriting is sometimes effective at determining personality traits. She also asked about narcissists and other pathological liars and how we can tell when they are deceptive. They may not answer specific questions, and this makes the lying harder to spot, but McClish believes that more extensive questioning will often reveal untruths told by these individuals.


In the last hour, David called from Virginia to describe his experience as a "targeted individual" and a "whistleblower" who feels that the power structure is attempting to silence him because of his knowledge of several issues such as free energy, false flag operations, UFOs and especially Bigfoot. David said he is an expert on the creatures and that they are "a type of primate" with "hinged feet" that allow them to both climb easily and run at high speed. He believes that the government and others are after him because he can verify his claims. Perry in California said he had a vivid dream that George Noory "pre-empted his show for an hour and a half" to report on an attack by the United States on North Korea.

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