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In the first half, intuitive psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Orloff, discussed the nature of empaths and the challenges they face. "An empath," she explained, "is somebody who is open and intuitive and is very giving but they tend to absorb the world's stress and angst and negative energy into their bodies. So they tend to get very exhausted by the world, because they're emotional sponges, and they take on so much stress," particularly with the events and political divisiveness of the last six months. In her latest work, Orloff offers coping strategies to these sensitive individuals, who can suffer from anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, or turn to addictive behaviors.

Her strategies include meditation, visualizations, and centering techniques, as well as boundary and limit setting as empaths can give too much to energy vampire types. Empaths can specialize in such abilities as intuition, precognition, telepathy, animal communications, and dream guidance, she detailed. Empathic children, she continued, have extreme sensitivities (they could be thought of as Indigo children), need some alone time to recharge, and may be subject to being bullied. Empathy helps you to understand other people, and offers hope for bridging the gap between different viewpoints, she added.


Holder of three Master’s degrees in management, financial services, and international economics, Steven R. Musick teaches at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business. In the latter half, he shared an amazing series of events which included visionary dreams, a miraculous healing, and a near-death experience that showed him heaven and changed the direction of his life. In 1975, after he joined the Navy, he was given a vaccination for swine flu that caused an allergic reaction, and then when he was given an antidote, he had an even more severe allergic reaction that put him into a coma that lasted for five weeks. During this time, he experienced being inside a heavenly realm.

The visual side of heaven is incredibly vibrant like "HD on steroids" and makes our normal reality look like a grainy 1950s black and white TV picture, he remarked. The environment was agrarian with fields and forests, there was a constant sense of pure joy, and the only person he encountered during his time there was Jesus, whom he had conversations with. He was saddened when told he would have to come back to Earth, which he dubbed "the land of the bland." Awakening in the ICU, he was surprised to learn he'd been out for five weeks, as his experience in heaven seemed like just one afternoon. Musick also recounted how, some years later, his debilitating lung condition was miraculously cured after a laying-of-hands healing at his church.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Peter Davenport

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