The Moon, Superstitions & Amazing Facts/ Open Lines

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The Moon, Superstitions & Amazing Facts/ Open Lines

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George Noory welcomed Charles Reichblum, author of the Knowledge in a Nutshell book series, for a discussion on the moon, superstitions, and other amazing facts Reichblum has gleaned from his years of research. Ancient people were in awe of the moon because of its great size in the sky and shape changes during the lunar cycle, he explained. They thought it caused insanity, violence, and accidents, Reichblum added. "Nothing is conclusive, some research finds that there is an uptick in accidents... another survey in another year or another time and just the opposite result," he said, citing a study in England which found more dog bites in England during a full moon and one from Australia which arrived at a different conclusion.

"Probably nothing unusual happens when there's a full moon, it's just legends," Reichblum suggested. He connected the word lunatic to lunar, pointing out the moon does not cause madness. He briefly spoke about werewolves, identifying them as the male version of a witch. Reichblum shared other intriguing moon-related facts, including the strange predestination of moon astronaut Buzz Aldrin, whose mother's maiden name was Moon. Reichblum also detailed 9-11 coincidences related to the number 11, how the number 13 is lucky for the United States, and parallels between presidents Lincoln and Kennedy—both were shot on a Friday sitting next to their wives by assassins with three names. Kennedy's assassin shot from a warehouse and ran to a theater, while Lincoln's pulled the trigger in a theater and ran to a warehouse, he revealed, adding how both presidents were succeeded by men named Johnson.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Brad in Angels Camp, California, told George about his mom, who lived in a town with naturally fluoridated water and did not get a dental filling until she was 36 years old. Apparently, the filling acted like radio receiver allowing her to tune in ball games and programming on KSFO in San Francisco, Brad reported. Sid from Abilene, Texas, talked about the mysterious Solway Spaceman. According to reports, a strange space-suited figure appeared in a single photograph of series snapped by a father of his daughter in 1964 near the Solway Firth in Cumbria, England. Oliver in Richmond, Virginia, recounted the time during the 1970s when he was walking a pier in Norfolk with a member of the military who pointed out where the USS Eldridge of Philadelphia Experiment fame supposedly popped back in from its brief trip through time.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport

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