Haunted Hinsdale House/ Open Lines

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Haunted Hinsdale House/ Open Lines

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In the first half, filling in for George Noory, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal investigator Daniel Klaes, who co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society. He spoke on the mysterious history, strange sightings, and unexplained events that encompass the haunted Hinsdale house, which he was recently able to purchase. Klaes first encountered the property as a paranormal investigator in 2010. He said that the home is in the "middle of nowhere," there is no phone service and it is completely isolated. Since becoming involved with the home and its history, Klaes feels that "it calls me to go there," but "I can’t let it take over my whole life." He claims that every visit to the place features some sort of unexplained activity, and believes a failed exorcism in the 1970s is the source of much of the paranormal activity in the house.

According to Klaes, the main family associated with the house were the Dandys, who owned the property for four years in the 1970s. It was they who experienced the first serious reported phenomena. The Dandys went to the Catholic Church for help exorcising the property, but were told by the priest who tried that "my best advice to you is to leave." After that, Klaes believes, the haunting and other phenomena began in earnest. Other families attempted to live in the home, but never lasted more than a few months or years at the most. One family left all of their furniture and other possessions because they thought that the entities in the place would follow if they knew they were leaving. Klaes has experienced and seen photos of what looks like "an Indian chief," a small boy, a shadow figure, and a ghostly woman in white from various places on the property and in the house, as well as numerous EVP recordings and forces that appear both good and malevolent.


During Open Lines, Steven called from Oceanside, California to tell of a terrifying episode of sleep paralysis that manifested as the figure sitting or lying on top of him with a weight that seemed to immobilize him and also perceived that he was "being choked by a tiny little redheaded woman." When his grandmother showed him a picture of his great aunt, he recognized the woman as the one he saw during the event. Donald from Kentucky had a similar experience, which later happened again when he was deployed as a soldier in Iraq. Adam in Pennsylvania recalled a startling incident from his childhood when his grandfather apparently answered a request through a Ouija board to knock on the outside of the family home.

Colleen in Colorado Springs told Dave that after seeing the movie "The Excorcist" as a young girl, that she came home and was startled to see a wooden cross on her bedroom wall turn upside down as she watched. Two callers related experiences of possible time slips: Rob in Missouri recalled a story his grandfather told of visiting a small cabin in the woods during a nighttime rainstorm. The house contained "Victorian-era antiques" that looked brand-new, as well as other objects. When he returned a few days later to the same spot, a small tree that was next to the building was now full-grown and the structure was no longer there. Curt from St. Louis recalled seeing a line of what looked like Confederate soldiers marching by his home, while one of the men looked at him with surprise and fear.

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