Climate Cycles & Magnetic Field

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Climate Cycles & Magnetic Field

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Climate and earth changes expert Mitch Battros joined Richard Syrett to discuss scientific evidence for cyclical climate changes, and the periodic weakening of Earth's magnetic field. The melting of the Greenland ice shelf, for instance, has happened many times before, and the Earth goes through endless warming and cooling cycles. The driving force behind all these cyclical events, he suggested, is charged particles which come from various sources such as solar flares, and galactic cosmic rays created in interstellar events like supernovas. The particles contribute to the warming and cooling trends on all the planets, he added.

During the time of solar minimum (what we're going through now), we have more cosmic rays entering our atmosphere, and this is associated with the lessening of the magnetic field, which serves to deflect the rays. Because of this, "we can expect an increase in extreme weather and volcanic events," he cautioned. Further, we're seeing signs leading to a magnetic pole shift. Animals and birds that are more reliant on a magnetic grid are probably going to be the most vulnerable, and some of these species in past cycles went extinct, he detailed.

The cycle of precession, in which Earth's axis changes over 26,000 years, is associated with ice ages, he continued. And rather than strictly citing man-made causes, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is now including such things as volcanoes and solar events as having an effect on climate, and offering preparation information, he reported.

Biblical Prophecy & Cuba

First hour guest, author Jonathan Cahn talked about biblical harbinger mysteries and his 1999 trip to Cuba and the prophetic sign he gave to Fidel Castro. One of the 'end times' prophecies from Zechariah was that all nations would turn against Israel over Jerusalem, and we're actually seeing that play out now, he remarked. Describing his visit to Cuba, which was to call attention to the religious Jubilee, Cahn said that he brought along a shofar (an ancient Jewish musical instrument made from a Ram's horn), and when he blew it, a deaf man said he could suddenly hear. Cahn brought gifts to the Presidential Palace, including a shofar, a Bible in Spanish, and his personal letter to Castro about the signs of God's power.

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