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Angel Lore/ Miracle Open Lines

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In the first half, mystic Sonja Grace discussed angels and their roles they play in our everyday lives. Grace says that angels are entities that have never incarnated physically on the Earth. She believes that they are here to "look after humanity," but there is also karma that we need to work out on our own. She said that this is why angels cannot always help, even though it seems that they should be able to in many situations. She further claimed that angels are "star beings" that we see as helpful spirits. Regarding some difficult times to come, Grace told George that she had channeled a message from the Archangel Michael before the program, who said that "we must be warriors of the light. It’s up to us to no longer be victims, but the leaders of peace."

Grace says that she was "born with these gifts" and that she "has never met anyone else who can see what I can see." She says she uses this talent to help people heal their physical and spiritual bodies. She continued with her view that the present age of humanity started about 10,000 years ago in Atlantis and Lemuria when most souls alive today originally incarnated, and that we are nearing the end of an era for humanity. The end of this will be in about 100 years, when "we will not have a dualistic reality." Linda called from Louisiana to tell about her experience of being in a coma. She recalled a "voice" that told her husband to come check on her when she collapsed. She said "people in a coma can hear you" and that talking to loved ones can help bring them out of that state.


After the break, George recalled a Christmas memory of seeing his parents through the front window of their house walking through the snow pushing new bicycles for him and his sister that they had hidden at a neighbor’s house. During "Miracle Open Lines," in the latter half, Mark called from Florida to recount when a homeless man warned him about an open door horse trailer. When he turned around seconds later to thank the man, he was gone. Viola in Arizona told George that she had a recurring nightmare that her son was drowning in quicksand. Later, a man bought him home and said that he’d pulled him out of a mud or sand hole at a quarry where he was buried up to his neck. The man refused any payment and went outside to leave. When Viola followed him out to the street, he had disappeared.

Don called from Texas to describe his experience with surviving stage three cancer. During chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he asked for a sign that he was going to live. Immediately, a parakeet "appeared out of nowhere" and landed on his arm, making a lot of noise. Don said it was "rainbow colored" and he took it in his house, where it lives to this day. He named the bird "Jesus." Mardie in Tennessee said that right after her sister died, she was at work and suddenly "In a nanosecond everything disappeared." She said she was in a "void" and her sister appeared to her to fulfill a bet they had about what the afterlife would be. Mike Mitchell from the Kingsmen called in to tell of a miracle he experienced while on the road with the band in the early 1960s. During a whiteout snowstorm in New Mexico, they followed a trucker into the next town. When they arrived at a truck stop to thank the good Samaritan, they were told that no one had passed through in hours. The inspirational Christmas recording of "Letter From Michael" was played at the end of the program.

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