CERN's Strange Science/ North Carolina Hauntings

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CERN's Strange Science/ North Carolina Hauntings

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Author and biblical researcher Josh Peck specializes in scientific studies such as quantum physics to explain paranormal phenomena. In the first half, he spoke about some of the mysteries and strange science that surrounds CERN'S secretive mission. CERN is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, including the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle accelerator. While Peck downplayed the possibility that experiments with the LHC might create out-of-control wormholes, scientists there do seek to open a portal to a higher or parallel dimension or universe, he stated.

They are looking to measure extra-dimensional space, as well as "communicate with any intelligences that might be inhabiting that space," he continued. Interestingly, he noted that the location of CERN at the Swiss/French border is built over an ancient Roman city, in which the citizens worshiped Apollo, whom they believed lived in a bottomless pit or "abyss" below them. Peck also talked about how physicists are exploring "quantum brain dynamics," the idea that consciousness could be a result of interacting with a field. If this theory holds true, it's possible a consciousness particle could be created at LHC or other accelerators-- a potent technology that could have both useful and sinister applications, he cited.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren discussed hauntings and why a place can sometimes be haunted even though nothing tragic happened there. He revealed creepy new evidence that some spirits can travel wherever they want, and how a person can find out who they are. One of the oldest standing houses in Western North Carolina, the Allison-Deaver House (photo), was the site of a mistaken identity Civil War-era shooting. The victim bled to death in the house, and "to this day, people keep seeing this bloodstain that will appear and then disappear. They can hear moaning around that room," and furniture being dragged around, he detailed.

A different kind of haunting took place in a property in West Asheville, an old barbecue restaurant being renovated into a German/European-style pub. The employees were scared when they started walking into cold spots, and seeing objects flying around the kitchen, and the figure of a man sitting in a dark booth. Investigating the site, Warren measured anomalous energy fields, and worked with a forensic historian, who found out that one of the original owners died in a fire at another location, and it was possibly his spirit haunting the place, sparked by the restaurant's change over. Warren also listed methods to clear a house of spirits, including burning sage, rearranging mirrors or electrical appliances, and running a humidifier (humidity in the air can prevent electrostatic energy from building up).

News guests: Robert Zimmerman, Lauren Weinstein, Mish Shedlock

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