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In the first half, actor and filmmaker Sean Stone shared his thoughts on the New World Order, the JFK assassination, and his upcoming documentary "Century of War." He noted how the expansion of the conspiracy movement seems to have coincided with the growth of the Internet, as more information has become readily available to people.

Regarding secret societies like the Bilderburgers, computer hacking and hidden camera recordings may be a way to expose their hidden agenda, and corruption, he suggested. "I don't know that 9-11 is ever going to be tackled and solved from a court perspective but if we could just...chip away at the deep state and its operational ability, how things are actually run...[and] the financial element is so key to this whole thing," he added.

His documentary, Century of War (airing on RT America starting November 15th) looks at the "financialization" of the US economy and how the banks have taken over, and strangled the system by putting people into a kind of "debt slavery." The film includes the work of author William Engdahl, who has cited how "petrodollar" warfare (oil and resource wars) have driven a lot of America's conflicts. The US continues to militarize in order to expand its reach of oil and other resources instead of putting money into peacetime industries, Stone remarked.


'Sound Off' Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Dana in Grand Rapids, Michigan spoke about immigration issues, suggesting that the problem in America would be greatly reduced if we went after businesses that employ illegals. John, also from Michigan, shared a hypothetical election prediction, that Jeb Bush could still be picked as president this year, if neither Clinton or Trump reaches enough Electoral College votes, and it was up to the House of Representatives to decide on the matter. Past C2C guest Stan Deyo called in to talk about some details he learned on trips to Dallas about the JFK assassination, including his conversations with a man who claimed to have a .45 caliber pistol that killed Kennedy.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Robert Zimmerman

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