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Author Brandon Callahan has been actively investigating paranormal activity for many years and has developed a method of tracking potential "hot spot" locations throughout the world. He discussed an area in Oklahoma of one of the largest clusters of ley lines in North America, where the Native American death marches, known as the Trail of Tears, ended and is now a location of heightened paranormal activity. "It was unlike any place I've ever been and any place I've been since," he said. According to Callahan, things started happening almost immediately after they arrived and began asking questions which had been translated into the Cherokee language.

"I was starting to hear my name and there was all sorts of activity before we could even blink" he reported, admitting that some moments during his investigation genuinely scared him. Callahan described a ghost of woman who was spotted roaming the property, and who apparently vanished when passing behind a tree. One of the hazards of paranormal investigation is when an entity follows the investigator home. Callahan disclosed that he remains haunted by a black dog, which he can smell and sometimes see in his peripheral vision. He also shared findings from his investigation into the "invisible energy highway" of ley lines, which he suggested allows one to anticipate geographic locations which might susceptible to unexplained activity.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Mike in Cleveland, Ohio, claimed to have once been caught in an alley with three men with baseball bats who intended to beat him to death. Mike said he prayed to God for help and almost immediately a glass globe from a telephone pole light fell and struck one of his assailants on the head. A shard of glass from the fallen globe broke off and penetrated the neck of another attacker, he explained. The last assailant somehow punctured his eye on the shard in his companions, and both fell to the ground and were knocked unconscious, Mike asserted. All three men died, he revealed.

William from California told George about his experiences during a military ghost briefing in 2012. "All of the U.S.-Mexican border is so flooded with paranormal activity that it's an actual problem for all the law enforcement that work there," he said. According to William, ghosts follow those who work along the border, and they can be seen with thermal and night vision equipment. A medicine man named Forest phoned in to talk about a healing clinic he'll be opening in Pittsburgh, where clients can receive spiritual and physical healing by dipping into a pool based on ancient Polynesian knowledge.

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