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Haunted Objects/ Open Lines

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Authors and paranormal investigators Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Zaffis discussed their newest work, Demon Haunted, which examines troubling cases of haunted land, people, and objects. Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. According to Guiley, objects can acquire energy from previous owners as well as through activities. Someone manifesting particularly negative emotions can attract spirits to attach to an object, she noted. These pesky and sometimes malicious spirits get involved in the human affairs and stir up a lot of ruckus, from annoying activities to terrorizing assaults. Stories of haunted items have been around for a long time, Zaffis explained, citing the reputed curse of the Hope Diamond as a prominent example.

Zaffis revealed how his own interest in attached objects was piqued during an investigation with his uncle and aunt, noted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Zaffis now curates a museum of haunted items all of which have been prayed over and bound. Guiley listed warning signs associated with attached objects, including having an unusual attraction to an item. "[People ]don't realize on an unconscious level they're interacting with an energy and perhaps even a spirit presence that's attached to the object," she said. Once a an attached item is brought home the owner may be plagued by poltergeist activities, shadow people sightings, nightmares, and bad luck. Things will continue deteriorating until the object is removed from the environment, she added.

Zaffis mentioned an account involving a man who go very attached to a walking stick whose previous owner may have been an occultist. "When some of these items are affiliated with [dark practices] the energy that can be drawn to an item can remain with that, and can get activated... when another person picks the item up," he said. Guiley recounted the tale of a spirit attached to a polished stone egg. The owner placed it in his chest of drawers and witnessed something black shoot out and come for him in the night, she reported. The owner was paralyzed, felt as if he was being constricted by a python, and then levitated above the bed, Guiley added. He buried the attached object in his yard and has not be troubled since, she disclosed.


During Open Lines, Joe in Arizona explained how "spirals of less gravity than the normal" on the surface of the planet can explain why certain monolithic monuments, such as the Coral Castle and Giza Pyramids, were built in their respective locations. According to Joe, these spirals of gravity are weaknesses in space time and contributed to geographical features where the structures were built. Daniel from Monroe, Virginia, phoned into the show to discuss differences he has observed between chupacabra sightings from the 1990s and more recent encounters. Chupacabras used to be described as approximately 3-ft tall upright-walking creatures, with a head like an alien grey, red eyes, and spikes on its back. Now, they apparently look like canines with mange, he said. Barry in Rock Hill, South Carolina, shared a Brown Mountain Light sighting his brother-in-law had 15 years ago. "I think they are real aliens that are here," Barry said.

In the beginning of the third hour, Ryan Zacherl, paranormal investigator and filmmaker of a web-series called Paranormal Quest, shared the touching story of a man with liver cancer who wanted to join their investigation and find proof of an afterlife (Related Video & Link).

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