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Midweek Open Lines

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During Midweek Open Lines, many callers reacted to the previous night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Linda from Florida described trying to attend Trump's rally earlier that evening in Melbourne, but it was so crowded there was no space for more people in the large hangar where the event was held, and many were turned away. She did see Trump's plane fly low over the crowd before it landed.

Julie from Ontario described seeing a UFO in Montreal years earlier, a large orange orb that streamed across the sky and then shot straight up. Her friend that was with her also witnessed it and called her father who worked in the control tower at Saint-Hubert airport, and he told her they caught seven of the unexplained objects on radar. Ricky in San Diego recounted a bizarre experience he had while camping at the Sequoia National Forest, in which he saw a 6-7 ft.-tall praying mantis creature pop out from behind a tree, and then suddenly became invisible.

First time caller Dean talked about how he falls asleep listening to C2C and the guests and show topics are often weaved into his dreams. Ellen in Houston recalled details about the late burlesque dancer Candy Barr, who was friends with Jack Ruby, and interviewed by the FBI after Oswald's death. Susan in Tuscon shared an eerie account of when her sister hit an oak tree while driving home from a night club, and how their grandmother felt that a car was crashing into her house at the very same time, but when she went out to investigate there was nothing there.

John Barbour: Life & Times

John Barbour appeared during the first 90 minutes of the show, telling stories of his rough childhood in Canada, and his path to becoming a comedian, film critic, and broadcaster. He is the only performer in TV to win Emmys for both entertainment and news shows, and is known as the godfather of reality TV as the creator, co-producer and co-host of NBC's 'Real People.' Additionally, John was the only person in TV to go to New Orleans to interview Jim Garrison. It was this 3-hour interview that became the backbone of his award-winning documentary, The Garrison Tapes, called by many in the field the best documentary on the JFK assassination.

News segment guests: Greg Hunter, Catherine Austin Fitts

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