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Energy & Unseen Worlds/ UFOs and Politics

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In the first half, Jimmy Church (email) welcomed futurist and visionary author Caroline Cory, who discussed her principle that the planet and the universe is composed of an all-encompassing energy matrix. Cory began having spontaneous "downloads" of information when she was five years old. She said she was "able to sense energy and communicate telepathically with beings" which she believed was normal at the time. She recalled that the beings seemed like a "group of friends" and were different than her human family. She said that this first experience was with an intelligence that was not incarnate in a body and more like a universal consciousness that transferred information to her "as if you were downloading information" all at once.

In an effort to figure out what was going on with her experiences, Cory completed graduate courses in psychology in order to understand "the mechanism of" the human mind. She also described an "energy grid" which she believes surrounds and penetrates the Earth and other planets, and is the medium through which telepathy or even teleportation can occur. In the second hour, callers asked her about how they could become involved and how this expanded awareness could help in their lives. Cory said that people could help to disclose the information of the planetary and universal grids, and that the basic goal is "about us being in touch with who we really are."


In the second half, Ben Hansen, host of Smithsonian Channel's "UFOs Declassified" joined the program. Hansen has a background that was with law enforcement and the FBI. He says he was trained and also trained himself to read people’s body language and speech patterns. He was so well-known at this, that one of his videos on the subject was cited by Jimmy Kimmel when he interviewed President Obama and asked him a question about UFOs on national television. Audio of the broadcast was played on the air and Hansen remarked that when asked about revealing what the Government knew about the subject, the president’s breathing rate increased to 42 breaths per minute. "Over 24 is a serious condition" said Hansen, and based on what he saw in the segment, he said that there are three possibilities: either the president knows nothing at all about UFOs; he’s been told a little and been instructed to not ask anymore; or he has been told everything and is engaging in deception. In any case, Hansen believes that there "was obviously some discomfort" exhibited.

Hansen has encouraged optical companies like Bushnell to develop more consumer-friendly night vision equipment in order to detect objects that are invisible to the naked eye or even in orbit. Jimmy remarked that he recently observed lights doing very unusual things in the California desert using a night vision scope. During calls, Steve from Los Angeles asked if a full disclosure of an alien presence would cause widespread panic. Hansen thinks that there may already be some limited efforts along these lines, and it doesn’t seem to be causing any disruptions. John in Long Beach, California wondered if the world’s religions would be adversely affected and Hansen pointed out that most major religions have already declared that there is provision in their dogmas for alien life.

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