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In the first half Friday's show, filmmaker Seth Breedlove discussed Small Town Monsters, his film series that explores the fabled creatures believed to exist around small rural communities in the United States, and how these legends have affected the local towns and their cultures. Breedlove identified the legend of Mothman as one of his favorites, and told George he had that very day spoken to a woman whose son claimed to have recently seen a Mothman-like creature fly by his car near Barberton, Ohio. The Mothman legend will eventually become part of the Small Town Monsters series, he added.

Breedlove covered the Minerva Monster sightings of the late 1970s, when a family spotted an upright-walking, hair-covered creature on a hillside by their Ohio home. It caused chaos in the area as drunken townspeople headed into the woods to track and kill the creature, he revealed, noting there may have been more than one. Breedlove recounted The Abair Incident, which took place in Whitehall, New York, over the course of a week in 1976. Three teenage boys as well as eight members of law enforcement encountered a creature, he reported. Breedlove announced the completion of his new film, Boggy Creek Monster, about the hidden history of the Fouke Monster and its impact on the region. "So many different people have been affected by that creature, and that legend, and that story," he said.

He spoke about legends of Bigfoot and why the creature is so popular today. Breedlove admitted he remains slightly skeptical about the existence of Bigfoot but pointed out it is the predominant sighting reported by people across the country. "If Bigfoot is a made up animal... if it's just legend, we should be seeing equal amounts of reports of other creatures... but we don't," he suggested. Breedlove also went over the Charles Mill Lake Monster case in which two boys claimed to see a lizard-like creature come out of a lake. Local news published a story about the incident and the area where it happened is close to where other people have reported seeing strange Bigfoot-type creatures, he explained.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Mike in Wyoming revealed he had encountered Bigfoot with his girlfriend in 1975, after they had parked to rest in an area off the side road in northern Montana. "We heard this ungodly scream... and you could hear it crashing through the timbers like it was just totally mad," he recalled, noting the creature's footfalls could be heard skirting about the car.

Rena from Ontario, Canada, told George about the time she was on a several kilometer trek in the wilderness to meet up with the rest of her party already at the campsite. "I saw this tall figure... it was as tall as the trees and it looked like a bear," Rena said, noting she was scared and never told anyone about it.

Kevin in Minnesota described hearing loud imagined buzzing noises in his head before going to bed. George thought it sounded like he may have been suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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