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In the first half, George spoke with Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, who is the co-host of the popular TV program Outrageous Acts Of Science, and who currently leads a research group at the Florida Institute of Technology that studies stars to understand the fundamental interactions of plasmas and electromagnetic fields. He began by stating that he has "always been interested in things that are really weird" which led him to embrace science and particularly the science of space and space travel. He says that the Big Bang is an "observed fact" as numerous predictions about what should be present in the universe if the theory is true have been seen, and with startling accuracy. For example, he pointed out that the ratio of hydrogen to helium appears to be the same throughout the observable universe, which suggests that all matter originated from the same time and place.

Dr. Oluseyi sees space travel to other stars as an inevitability, but thinks that we are many years away from this possibility. Although he sees the use of "wormholes" and the warping of space-time as a nearly impossible goal, he did point out that many things thought impossible in the past have become reality. One caller bought up the idea of collusion by scientists to keep some advances out of the public or from each other. Dr. Oluyseyi replied that from his point of view, this was not very likely, since all scientists want to be the first to announce a new finding, and that any idea or theory that lasts has "survived an incredible onslaught of hate," meaning that the peer review process is very demanding. He also reminded the listeners that a "theory" means a set of ideas or predictions, and are considered valid until new information is discovered.


In hour three, brain boost teacher Neil Slade discussed his ideas on how to easily release your brain's capacity for advanced thought and action. He believes that with proper training, anyone can learn to use more of their brain’s dormant possibilities. He calls this technique "tickling the amygdala," which allows different areas of the human brain to communicate and increase cooperation with and compassion for others, open up creativity, and at higher levels of development, allow us to perform feats of ESP, precognition, and telekinesis. He says that the statement that "we only use 10% of our brains" is a myth, since his mentor T.D. Lingo, who ran the Dormant Brain Lab for many years came to the conclusion that the human mind is capable of a limitless number of talents. Slade calls it "an infinity machine."

During Open Lines, a listener emailed George about what he thought was his most memorable moment in his media career. He replied that the one that stuck out in his experience was that he was "one of the last people to see Jimmy Hoffa alive" when he was a news producer and drove Hoffa to the interview. Race called in to relate a frightening experience he once had with something called "exploding head syndrome," which he described as feeling like "the core of nuclear explosion...squeezed into 2/10 of a second and comes right out the top of your head." The last segment featured a replay in which Dr. Morgus claimed to "teleport" into the studio and asked George to hit him, which he would stop by "mind control." It didn't work.

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