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In the first half, researcher David Sereda joined the program to discuss the strange signal from space that has been in the news recently (Video: HD164595 Signal From Space). Open Lines followed in the second half. On May 15, 2015, a team of scientists using a telescope in Russia detected the signal which appeared to be coming from a star 94.4 light years from Earth. A report concluded that it was emanating from a Soviet military satellite, but Sereda disagrees. "The Russians kept it secret for a year... they were never convinced it was a satellite interference because they were interested in it for a whole year," he said.

The signal amplitude of 0.75 Janskys is very weak, just strong enough to be stronger than the background of space, Sereda continued, noting energy signatures from satellites are much stronger. "There's no way a local Russian satellite would produce a signal that weak... forget about the idea that this is a satellite," he reiterated. Sereda referenced an experiment in which a compressed laser pulse traveled 300 times faster than light and required very little energy to accomplish the feat. Sereda suggested the signal from space could have been sent in such a way, which would remove the enormous energy burden required to blast a signal in all directions from a system so far from our planet.

"I can prove that [the signal is] intentional," he asserted. Sereda pointed to ratios within the signal which he converted to musical tones. "When I played these tones from this signal from space they're perfect, no distortion," he said. According to Sereda, all human-designed music scales distort so the existence of one with no distortion is an unmistakable sign of some kind of alien intelligence. Extraterrestrials would likely communicate through ratio or frequency, and the harmonics within the signal could also be message, he proposed. This intelligence may have pulse-modulated a message in the signal that we have yet to find, Sereda suggested.


Open Lines followed in the second half with a special line for listeners who wanted to share their amazing stories. Amanda, truck driving through Marshall, Illinois, told George about the time she and her students held a rain dance ritual at school to cause some water to fall on their parched area. According to Amanda, there were no clouds in the sky that day, so they all called out for the wind to bring some clouds and something happened. "There's a massive dark cloud moving above the school... and it dropped so much rain within a radius around the school," she revealed.

Lee in Minnesota claimed to have captured two angels in a series of photographs. "They looked like they had halos and there was a large male angel, and I shared telepathic communication with the angel," he said. According to Lee, God came to help him after his angelic experience. Sue from Pennsylvania recounted the time she heard her two-year-old granddaughter singing, "You Are My Sunshine." According to Sue, her mother-in-law would often sing this song around the house but she passed away before Sue's granddaughter was born. When asked about where she had learned the song, the granddaughter indicated she had been taught it by Sue's deceased mother-in-law.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts / Peter Davenport

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