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Paranormal Vortexes/ Open Lines

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Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren explained why Asheville is a paranormal vortex and how you can find such vortexes in your own home. Vortexes are similar to portals, which are places where an imbalance between physical and non-physical worlds allows information and beings to travel back and forth, he explained. A vortex is a larger area where energy flows in and out of the earth, and where we come into contact with strange phenomena more easily, Warren added. The part of the United States between the 35th and 37th parallels is an area known for paranormal activity likely related to vortexes and includes Area 51, the Joplin Spook Light, and Dulce, New Mexico, where an alien military base is said to be located, he revealed.

North Carolina falls within in this vortex-filled boundary as well and has a rich history of weird goings-ons, from the lost colony of Roanoke to the strangeness of Asheville to the Devil's Tramping Ground, where nothing will grow in the soil. Warren suggested it may be possible for a person to physically slip through a vortex and emerge into a version of reality similar to our own but slightly different, though more likely the vortex would induce a mental experience. "It's possible that someone listening to this program right now has [a portal]... in the basement of his or her house," he said. According to Warren, one can test for vortexes by using a straight piece of wire capped with an aluminum foil ball. Hold the wire, place the ball between eyes, and walk the property. If you enter a vortex, you'll have some kind of mental experience, he noted.

Warren shared details about North Carolina's Brown Mountain Lights, where anomalous 'ghost lights' have been seen for decades. He commented on recent news about skeptic Dr. Daniel Caton of Appalachian State University whose research team recently captured undeniable video evidence of the light phenomenon. Warren thinks the lights are a byproduct of a vortex or portal in the area. He also reported on a story about odd beings who live inside a crystal cave in Brown Mountain. For more information on the Brown Mountain Lights, check out Warren's free ebook (PDF format) on the topic which can be downloaded at

Open Lines followed in the last hour.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport

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