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Political consultant Dick Morris, who has handled the winning campaigns of more than thirty Senators and Governors, has become well-known for his insightful, hard-hitting commentary. In the first half of the show, he discussed his passion for futurism, and projecting what the world will be like 10-20 years from now, as well as commented on the Clintons, Trump, and the election cycle.

An advisor for Bill Clinton from 1978 through his 1990s White House years, Morris believes that both Bill and Hillary have changed a good deal over the years. They have grown increasingly materialistic, and "I believe fundamentally were corrupt in the way they handled her tenure as Secretary of State," with Bill Clinton's speaking fees akin to "thinly disguised bribes," he opined. In order for Trump to win, Morris continued, he needs to go after Bernie Saunders' supporters and gain votes on the left. Later in the election cycle, he suspects that the Russian hackers may reveal emails gleaned from Hillary's personal server to demonstrate that she let state secrets slip out.

Morris suggested that we are on the cusp of dramatic technological changes, such as the ability to embed microchips in the brain that allow for internal Google searches and GPS functions. The body will be able to grow and regenerate new parts on an as-needed-basis, and parents will be able to choose designer babies, which could be fraught with controversy, he noted. Further down the road, he foresees the ability to transfer one's consciousness to a computer or robot, and essentially live forever.


Open Lines were featured in the latter half, with a number of callers weighing in on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Frank, an African-American from Baltimore, shared tips on what to do if pulled over by the police, including turning on your interior car light before the officer gets out of the squad car. Eddie in Rochester commented that historically, a presidential candidate never wins when their political party is divided. Steve in Virginia offered some background behind the Pokemon game craze which people are playing on their mobile phones. Pokemon started off as a Japanese TV show called Pocket Monsters, and then became a video and card game, he shared.

News segment guests: Joe Gomez, John M. Curtis, Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi

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