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Film director and radio host Seth Breedlove joined George Noory for a discussion on his investigations into strange Bigfoot-like creatures seen in small towns, such as the Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall, and the Boggy Creek Monster. Breedlove talked about researching urban legends to find how they are rooted in reality and the effect they have had on a community. "You can kind of weed out what is probably folklore, or folktale, and what has some sort of realistic background," he said. Breedlove reported on his investigation of the Beast of Whitehall in New York, where a hairy bi-pedal being with glowing red eyes was seen by a group of teens and several law enforcement officers.

Breedlove covered the Minerva Monster in Ohio, where in the summer of 1978 the Cayton family claimed to have repeatedly witnessed an upright, hair-covered creature. It started with rocks hitting the roof of the Cayton's house, he revealed, adding the family also reported strange smells and glowing eyes in the woods. According to Breedlove, even though they thought the creature killed their dog, they thought of it as a family pet. "Something very unusual happened there," he suggested, noting it was likely not a person wearing a costume or a black bear. Breedlove also spoke about his work on an upcoming film about the Boggy Creek monster in Arkansas.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. A self-proclaimed skeptic, Bill in Louisville, told George he thinks there may be something to the Pope Lick Monster, or Kentucky 'Goatman' legend. According to Bill, the witnesses he has spoken to are not really describing a creature that is half-human, half-goat, but rather one which shares characteristics of a goat. Whatever it may be, Bill suggested it shares similar facial hair (a goatee) and vocalizes like a goat. John from Elkhorn, Wisconsin, reported finding a severed deer leg hanging from a tree in the woods near the cryptid hotspot Bray Road. "It was a fresh kill and it looked like it was torn off of a deer," he said. Gene in New Mexico recalled an encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature on a Navajo reservation in Gallup. "It looked right at me, I was less than 50 yards from it," he said.

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