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Zozo & Ouija Boards/ Open Lines

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Leading paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed how unsuspecting users of spirit boards have been pestered and attacked by a malevolent entity that calls itself Zozo. The terms "zo" and "zozo" have dark associations across cultures and languages, Guiley explained, noting the entity is known for its menacing trickster personality. "Zozo is a negative entity who seems to prefer to pester people who use spirit boards... it will taunt people, even attach to them and create varying degrees of possession in the worst case scenarios," she said. People get yanked around, psychologically harmed, and sexually assaulted by this entity, Guiley added.

Paranormal researcher Darren Evans joined the conversation to share what he learned about Zozo since first contacting the entity in 1982 via a strange double-sided Ouija board. According to Evans, the board was found under his girlfriend's house and was surrounded by jars of preserved black birds. The non-Ouija side of the board had weird symbols and an inscription with "Zozo" etched into the top of it, he recalled. Evans described a "black, smoky haze" manifestation he personally witnessed from the board and pointed out descriptions of Zozo vary greatly, possibly suggesting it has shape-shifting abilities. Evans traced Zozo to ancient Africa, where it was worshipped as a deity by adherents of a pre-Voodoo religion.

It seems to want to pester and torment people more than anything, Guiley continued, adding the entity is able to create violent nightmares and make individuals feel like they are being watched. "The more somebody is upset and begins to deteriorate... the more active and strong this entity seems to become," she revealed. Guiley cautioned about demonizing spirit boards for the trouble caused by negative entities like Zozo. According to Guiley, the Ouija board is simply a tool that can be used (by those with experience) to contact the spirit world.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Several callers phoned in to rant about the current presidential election cycle and presumptive nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Leona in North Carolina expressed her frustration with "crowning" of Clinton as the nominee for the Democratic Party, as well as for the "unconstitutional" system of superdelegates who have pushed her to the top. Leona suggested Trump was chosen by elites behind Clinton's campaign as the Republican presidential nominee because he is even more hated than Clinton.

A down-on-his-luck caller named Kenny admitted he and his wife are currently unemployed, homeless and living in a tent in the frigid climes of Alaska. He told George finding work is difficult. "I stand on a corner every day with a sign, 'Want Work,' with nametags with our phone number and what capabilities that my wife and I have," he said. Kenny encouraged listeners who may also down on their luck to continue looking up because "when you have faith... and you stay positive and you try to keep yourself on that upbeat level, things do work out."

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