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In the first half of our Friday the 13th show, George was joined by South Carolina-based paranormal investigators Kelly Lee Brosky & Michael Brosky. Devout Catholics, the husband & wife team are members of the Praesidium of St. Michael (the Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael), and the long-running Ghost Adventures Crew. They shared some of their more hair-raising paranormal adventures.

Kelly described their first ghostly contact at a local cemetery where they recorded an EVP that was later confirmed to have been the voice of a co-worker's grandfather. Kelly revealed details about her most memorable investigation which occurred at the Old City Jail in Charleston, South Carolina, where she and Michael witnessed a door close and re-open by itself. Around 14,000 people died there, including the first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher, Kelly explained. The two recorded an EVP of a woman's voice saying, "Husband, please let me out," which they believe may belong to Fisher's ghost.

Michael said he was most impressed by an EVP they recorded at a revolutionary war battlefield (Battle of Camden). According to Michael, he asked about a commanding officer and a voice replied "Malcolm," which he later discovered was the name of a British causality under Lord Cornwallis. Michael suggested some spirits may not realize they have passed on. He also detailed the equipment they use on investigations, including full-spectrum cameras, FLIR thermal imager, EM pumps, the Mel Meter, and Ovilus. Kelly spoke about being followed home by spirits on multiple occasions and crossing paths with an entity claiming to be the Devil in a children's cemetery.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show. Carlos in Carson, California, blamed chemtrails in Los Angeles for an allergy outbreak there. He also suggested chemtrails "have their own intelligence and they're changing our DNA," noting how this may have led to the rise of Morgellons disease. Another Californian, Steven, shared his conspiratorial view on a major U.S. retailer closing down several stores for a so-called plumbing issue. "They completely gutted out the stores," he said, reporting on an increased security as well as military presence around the locations. Steven suggested they could be turning the gutted stores into FEMA camps.

Jerry from Sacramento told George that both he and his cousin were born on Friday the 13th and it had been a fairly lucky omen for him. Jerry also revealed his father was born and died on Friday the 13th. Truck driver Sage reported witnessing what appeared to be a UFO being transported on the back of a truck. Sage described the object as roughly the shape and size of a Gravitron carnival ride. "The way it was positioned and held up it almost looked like it was floating," he said. We took photos which also showed a reflective object was following us, Sage added.


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