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In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy Craig B. Hulet commented on the election cycle, current events, and the geopolitical landscape. The elite/corporate empire got snubbed with their pushing forward of Jeb Bush as their candidate, but in the end whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes president, "on all the issues that matter, nothing will change," Hulet declared. Trump is not as much of an outsider as he claims-- "he's always been an insider funding the Republican party and that establishment of elite," he continued.

Regarding the possible lawsuit against Saudi Arabia in connection with 9-11, CIA director John Brennan says he wants to keep secret 28 pages of the 9-11 report that pertained to Saudi funding, as the information was uncorroborated. So no one's going to go after Saudi Arabia no matter who's in the White House, Hulet suggested. While Russian jets have recently buzzed US aircraft, he believes Vladimir Putin is not actively seeking war, and wants the US, China, and Russia to sit down and work out the interests of various nations.

Yet, "the corporate empire that's leading the western hegemony throughout the world has no interest in what the people of Syria, Libya, the Congo, Nigeria want-- they don't care what anyone thinks," he remarked. Various countries such as China, Russia, India, and South Africa are expecting a conventional war with the corporate regime, not with America per se, but with the forces that run the Western Empire, he posited. Looking ahead over the next four years, Hulet foresees North Africa as a new trouble spot, America betraying its allies, and China starting to make moves against Taiwan and Japan.


Midweek Open Lines followed in the second half. Tom in the Bronx recounted a tale of a psychic he knew. The psychic was also a hunter and claimed his eyes lit up like flashlights and allowed him to walk some 30 miles one night through a Pennsylvania forest. Jack in Alberta, Canada described the evacuations that are occurring in Fort McMurray, Alberta due to an uncontrolled wildfire. Some 80,000 residents have been ordered to leave the area. The temperature was expected to be in the 80s Fahrenheit on Wednesday, and Jack asked for people to direct their consciousness on bringing rain to the area.

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