Super Soldiers Secrets/ Plasma Ignition System

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Super Soldiers Secrets/ Plasma Ignition System

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Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed scientist Dr. Richard Alan Miller, a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller discussed the protocols developed for Navy SEALs to create super soldiers and how these tools can be used for one's own personal evolution of consciousness. Miller recalled the first protocol he developed for extrasensory perception, or trusting one's gut with information from outside of space-time. While in this altered state one's ability to accurately guess is 400 times greater than with the conscious mind, he explained. Testing revealed the average person could correctly guess 5 out of 20 times, a psychic scored anywhere from 9 to 11, and a person using his protocol could attain 18 or 19 out of 20, Miller noted. "You can train anybody to go [into this state]," he said.

Citing the case of Jack Schwarz, who could insert a long needle through his arm with no resultant bleeding, Miller described how soldiers were likewise trained to control their autonomic responses using biofeedback devices. Troops in one study learned how to control their own histamine response to allergies, he reported. Miller claimed to have used a similar technique to save himself from two days in the icy waters of the Bering Sea. He spoke about the neurotransmitter Ketamine and how when taken intravenously something he likened to a close encounter with two-dimensional stick aliens occurred. "Ketamine seemed to be a neurotransmitter that could open up some of those kinds of doors," he disclosed. Miller shared the bizarre and tragic story of Marcia Moore, who conducted her own experiments with Ketamine, and possibly bilocated during her final session. "They had found her severed head in the Florida Everglades two hours before she was dead in Seattle," he said.


In the second half, inventor Aaron Murakami talked about his research, theories, and experiments with Plasma Ignition System technology. A typical ignition system utilizes a conventional spark from a plug to ignite the fuel-air mixture which in turn drives the pistons, he explained, noting how his system is based on a completely different phenomenon. Murakami described how he uses the capacitor from a regular performance ignition system, and the same Joules of potential energy, to create a high-powered plasma discharge. A strong positive-negative force at the spark plug gap is capable of instantly dissociating hydrogen from water vapor, and further increase the large and powerful plasma spark, he revealed. Murakami's secret, at least in part, is the addition of a high-voltage diode to his system. This effectively eliminates resistance in circuit so the capacitor discharges in an abnormally short period, he said. Fuel is burned efficiently and more power is generated, he added.

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