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Unexplained Creatures/ Open Lines

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In the first half, Linda Godfrey, authority on anomalous animals and paranormal phenomena in Wisconsin, talked about unexplained otherworldly creatures. Sightings of werewolves, dogmen, and bigfoot are widespread, occurring over North and South America, Europe, and Australia, Godfrey reported. Some Native American cultures believe them to be spirit creatures, she added. "They believe that [dogman and bigfoot] come from what they call the spirit world... and when they're here they can manifest completely physically," noting how these creatures can eat real food and leave behind footprints.

Godfrey shared a report from a woman who witnessed three upright canines drinking from a river with their paws. When the creatures saw her they stood up and began to wade across the river, she revealed. A few people have reported dog-like beings appearing and disappearing from inside their homes, while others claim to have seen something with a human body and a dog or wolf-like head and hands, Godfrey disclosed, observing how these may have a different origin than typical roadside upright canines.

Godfrey detailed an account from a relative who asserts he saw a creature in the Kettle Moraine State Forest (north of Milwaukee) that was built like a human, with thickly muscled upper arms, a goat-like face, horns, and hooves for feet. She also described a terrifying encounter in a London cemetery where a man was knocked over and pinned down by a dog-like monstrosity. The victim recalled being held in place by the creature's arms, which had human-like hands, and credits an illness as the reason he was not devoured that night, Godfrey said.


During Open Lines, Stacy from Eureka, California, reported a strange sighting she and her husband had on the road about a week ago. It was late afternoon when we saw something the size of a rodent with no color, completely dark, moving across the ground with an unusual gait, she recalled. "[It was] as black as black... a three-dimensional shadow form," she said. Richard in New Jersey told George about what he calls astral spiders—shadow-like creatures about the size of a human palm. According to Richard, he can only see them when he first awakens in the morning. He remembered the first time he saw an astral spider climb off him, go to the ceiling and bounce as if on a web.

John from Danville, Illinois, shared an incredible experience he and his best friend had in 1972 when a thunderbird flew by them. According to John, the giant bird had a 20-ft wingspan and made no sound while flying except for a high-pitched shriek. It was prehistoric-looking, grayish black in color, perhaps related to an eagle, he explained, noting how he has identified the creature as Argentavis magnificens (a supposedly extinct giant flying bird from Argentina). "This bird by estimation could have easily came down and picked up a child or an adult for that matter," he said.

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