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During Friday's show, George Noory welcomed paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, who discussed a purported photograph of George Washington’s ghost and why he thinks past presidents are especially stirred up about this election cycle. The photo was taken by author Lisa Moulden on Sunday, December 6, 2015, at the Middleton Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland, Warren reported. The building has been active since the 1740s and was frequented by America's Founding Fathers, especially Washington, he explained. Washington and fellow Freemasons would often meet there, he added.

Moulden captured the image while sitting at a table where other customers have reported seeing the ghost of George Washington, Warren continued. "I really believe this may actually be the first photograph of the first president of the United States in spirit form," he said. According to Warren, the current tumultuous election year has agitated the spirits of some of the country's former presidents, including Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy. By appearing they make us think about the historic context of the country and stimulate a new angle of conversation, he noted. "I believe that you're going to find so much more of this spiritual activity surrounding these presidents... they want to know were their sacrifices worth it," Warren suggested.


The second half of the program featured Open Lines. LeeAnne from Jasper, Alabama, described some of the creepy activity that occurred in her home whenever a particular preacher would visit. According to LeeAnne, her husband was harassed in his sleep by hideous-looking witches after the preacher's first visit. The second time he stopped by, the evil witches again returned to torment her husband, LeeAnne reported. After the third visit, LeeAnne's husband awoke in the night after feeling something punch him, she said. After connecting the dots, LeeAnne and her husband asked the preacher to discontinue his visits.

Kim, truck driving through Florida, told George about a dream she had of a great tsunami hitting the Sunshine State. In the dream, Florida is completely covered in water and Kim's grandchildren must be placed in a floating portable cooler to survive the catastrophic flood. Victor, a truck driver in Sacramento, recounted the time he was a deputy sheriff in a rural town where a strange 911 call was received. The call happened two nights in a row and no voice was on the other end of the line, he explained. The local telephone company was called in to trace the line from which the phantom 911 calls originated and it led them to an old cemetery, Victor revealed.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport


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Joshua P. Warren shares this new photograph of what may be George Washington's ghost. It was recently captured in Maryland by Lisa Moulden. For enhancements and more info, please visit

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