Tutankhamun Tomb Secrets

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Tutankhamun Tomb Secrets

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Exclusive images and footage of radar scanning being carried out in King Tutankhamun’s tomb have been released as scientists try to identify whether secret chambers lie hidden behind its walls. Carmen Boulter, director and writer of The Pyramid Code, joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss how archaeologists and experts from around the world have been invited to examine and analyze the new data from the scans at a conference in Cairo in May and what might be revealed in these hidden chambers.

Boulter commented on the universal fascination with all things Egypt. "I think the ancient Egyptians really had a superior technology and a depth of knowledge of consciousness," she said, noting how they built things into their architecture that were archetypal and made to affect people. Many of us had past lives in ancient Egypt, she continued, citing her own experience seeing the Great Pyramid for the first time. Boulter described how she thought the pyramid was smaller than she remembered from a past life, when it had been covered with an additional stone layer which made it 30 feet larger on all sides.

Regarding the scans of King Tut's tomb, Boulter suggested they likely will not show much. According to Boulter, the tomb was not originally for King Tut and only used because he had to be buried quickly after members of the Amun priesthood killed him. "So what if there's a little extra room or recess in there... that tomb wasn't built for Tut or Nefertiti in the first place." she said. Boulter explained how corruption in the priesthood and the murder of her husband, Akhenaten, had forced Nefertiti to flee Egypt. She speculated Nefertiti's final resting place may have been in Turkey based on artifacts she has seen from that region.

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