Directed Energy Technology/ Midweek Open Lines

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Directed Energy Technology/ Midweek Open Lines

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In the first half of the show, former professor of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, Dr. Judy Wood, updated her work detailing the physics of the destruction of WTC buildings on 9/11. She cites evidence of directed energy technology - not fire, thermite or bombs, or even planes for that matter. Observing the evidence from the perspective of a forensic engineer, she said "the buildings didn't burn up, nor did they slam to the ground; the majority of them turned to dust in midair." Using the new term "dustification" to describe the destruction process, she outlined how an energy technology was used to repel the binding forces of atomic matter.

She didn't speculate as to who was behind the act, or the specific construction of their device, but noted that planes can't turn a building into dust in mid-air. The airplane issue is irrelevant except to get people to argue and serve as a diversion as to what really happened to the buildings, she contended. Wood compared the directed energy technology to the force of a tornado, or what a tornado might do if it was weaponized.

The directed energy technology also bears similarities to the work of Tesla, and scientist/inventor John Hutchison, who has demonstrated levitation and dematerialization effects, she added. The evidence indicates a magnetic-electrogravitic nuclear reaction like what you would see in cold fusion, rather than a bomb, she continued. Wood believes the collapse of Building 7 was also accomplished with the covert technology, as it occurred with virtually no sound (related video). For more, view her WTC 'Cliff Notes.'


In the latter half, George invited callers to share their memories of early sci-fi and horror TV shows. Bill in Pennsylvania reminisced about the TV show Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and reported a sighting of a big cat last September in PA, that was double the size of their English mastiff-- he estimated the creature was over 7 ft. in length. Brian in Ohio shared his theory about time, and its illusory nature. A number of callers reacted to Judy Wood's contentions, and a text message from Bobby in Connecticut described witnessing a cremation.

News segment guests: Gary Ridenour, Christian Wilde, Steve Kates

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