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Mysterious Disappearances & Patterns

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Investigator David Paulides, who has become an expert in the large number of mysterious disappearances happening in American national parks and forests, discussed disturbing cases and the unusual patterns that appear with many of them. In instances where young children vanish, many times they are found miles away in a rural area without roads, or thousands of feet up in elevation-- places they would have no way to get to on their own, yet there are no signs of an abduction or attack. Most recently, a two-year old boy, Chase Martens disappeared from his home near Winnipeg, Canada. Curiously, in many such cases, search and rescue teams carefully comb an area, and then the body turns up later in a previously searched zone, as though it was returned there later after the search, he cited.

Often bad weather suddenly appears after a disappearance such as fog or snow, and this serves to inhibit the searchers, Paulides said. He detailed a cluster of disappearances near the Chiricahua National Monument (southeastern Arizona), beginning with Paul Fugate in 1980, the only park ranger missing on duty, and never found. In 2015, there were two other people who vanished from this same region and have never been located, including a disabled woman named Janet Castrejon (no tracks or scent were ever picked up), and a man named Lawrence Kosdan, just two months after the woman's disappearance. Both had been staying in the Rustlers Park Campground, said Paulides, who noted how rare it was for there to be two unsolved disappearances in the same location and year.

He also reviewed cases of young men who are inexplicably found dead in bodies of water. There have been a number of these incidents in Minnesota, including the death of 32-year old Henry McCabe, who before disappearing apparently left a bizarre voicemail to his wife, in which there are two minutes of groans and growling sounds followed by a voice saying "Stop it." In the 2012 case of Joshua Swalls of Indianapolis, he was found dead in a pond that had already been searched. Oddly, the coroner reported that Swalls' body had been in the water for approximately one week, though he had been missing for three weeks. Paulides revealed that there have been many similar cases in canals in Manchester, England.

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